Why Does Existence Exist

  1. I don’t know if God actually exists, but I dare to say absolute inexistence isn’t even a thing. We really want to think in terms of duality but what if there’s things that don’t have an opposite and they just exist as they are for no particular reason? (I know, this just feels wrong)

  2. True. It is the people who strive to combat this natural animalistic, reptilian nature of ours who accomplish or achieve a higher level of understanding and also possibly a higher level of life plus life quality or quality of life.

  3. The trouble with those fundamental existence questions is that they can't be tested. So everyone is free to advocate anything and everything and are we really wiser about anything after all is said and done ?

  4. Because non-existence is an unstable state. Considering quantum uncertainty, even the empty vacuum of space has particles popping in and out of existence. You time average that, and even nothing is something on average.

  5. I’m often surprised at how many people I meet do think about these things. Perhaps many people just don't like to discuss it unless they are with close friends. The following word salad and ideas are some that I find fascinating. TLDR at bottom.

  6. Have you considered there may be a god, but he isn't like a Christian God, just some source of power or something greater than us... you know the world and universe was created but not by what... I assume it was God, not a biblical God but some massive power that I can't comprehend type of god.

  7. Also, nothing is ever created nor destroyed, only transformed. We truly live in a strange universe and I doubt any of us will be able to answer the question the way you would like.

  8. I think about this ALL THE TIME but never get any answers so I continue to live lol I’ve basically accepted that I don’t know shit and that’s very ok.

  9. Because we exist, it exists. Not existing is not an experience, it’s as real as the past and future. Existence is real like the present.

  10. Yea but say that Earth suddenly explodes, leaving no living being on it, and every single other possible planet with life on it also explodes, leaving no more life in the Universe.

  11. Exactly. This question is a fun mental exercise but ultimately pointless. There’s just always been something. If at any point there was nothing then there would always be nothing but clearly that’s not the case, we have something.

  12. In the Islamic structure, god has no beginning and no ending. Before creating us, he could have created some other creation before us. He could create someone after us. They all go under the category of “ghaib”, or things god has decided not to reveal to us. What matters most is that we are here, and now we have the choice to follow what god has asked us to do or ignore it.

  13. How do you know there aren't five Gods? All five, being all powerful, with no beginning and no end, but all of them are different. They fight over your soul. They are all pure evil and want you to live in their version of hell.

  14. God is beyond nothing … nothing is already something in itself ..reality is that something has always existed and we come from there

  15. Well the first question is very difficult to answer and something I can safely say I don't know, apart from giving the obvious scientific answer of quarks, hadrons and atoms answer but this still isn't a complete answer.

  16. Existence is the default state. Universes have always been created and destroyed. There might be universes with vast empty stretches of space and time in the multiverse, but there is never a complete null state across all the branes. Consciousness is fundamental and it abhors a null state of existence.

  17. And the simple answer is WHY NOT and I would like to point out that "Nothings" DO NOT EXIST in the Universe as that concept is something that exist in mans mind and there are no ZERO'S in the real math of the universe nor is there never the absence of Energy in one form or another SPACE itself is another form of ENERGY so even it is SOMETHING.

  18. I feel like it’s sort of a misconception that atheists claim the universe came from nothing. The vast majority of us just admit we don’t know what caused the Big Bang or why it happened. The people who believe in God replace “I don’t know” with “because god did it.” Besides how do we even know that nothing ever existed in the first place. Have we ever observed or seen evidence of nothing. Maybe evidence of nothing runs contrary to nothing? We evolved to see things from cause and effect because that’s how things work on earth and the parts of the universe we’ve observed. The Big Bang is often misconceived as the thing that caused the universe. The something coming from nothing. In actuality though it’s just the first major event that happened in an already existing universe that caused the universe’s infinite expansion. Since the laws of cause and affect were effectively put in place after the Big Bang the laws of causality as we understand them simply didn’t exist before it, so who’s to say that the universe hasn’t simply always existed? Now this does run into the same problem of God somehow always existing for seemingly no reason, so I see this as more of a cool thought experiment than an actual answer to the question of existence. The most truthful answer anyone can give is still we don’t know.

  19. Why is the idea of something always having existed a problem. Maybe it’s just a human idea that everything has a beginning and an end? Maybe that’s not the way the universe works.

  20. Imagine if true reality is just nothing lol that’d be mad! In a sense if my death means I’ll spend existence in eternal nothingness, then reality truly is nothingness

  21. (Lighting up). ... ahhhh. Glad you asked. So fact is size doesn't mean shit(not what she said). This reality has a 'frequency' and at that frequency peak is where 'we' exist. The two possibilities are: Many worlds theories or simulation.

  22. We only can’t generate mass or energy because physics has laws. If there’s no mass or energy yet in the universe to regulate, the laws that deal with them don’t exist yet and therefore you very well could generate something.

  23. Oh and btw, this (“Why Does Existence Exist”) is an excellent, excellent, excellent (yes excellent x 3) question to meditate/ruminate/reflect on. Ofc, there is no “answer” to be found, but doing so with enough rigor just may serve as the “diamond drill” that spins your mind enough, so as to blow through the conventional paradigm of “duality” and bring one through the gateless gate and into the profound vista of the non-dual…something like that. 😉

  24. What makes you think everything just "came out of nothing"? Its perfectly coherent to say that everything that exists has always existed in some form

  25. I think quantum science has shown that something can come from nothing, and in fact lots of tiny particles just appear and disappear all the time. Apparently that's just how nature works.

  26. Where it came from really doesn't matter. The simple, not so simple answer is nothing is not possible. There has to be something. It's mind numbing to think about but something has to exist.

  27. The universe is eternal and God isn’t real so that’s probably why you are struggling. And most people have been brainwashed by our society.

  28. Is absolute 'nothing' possible? Maybe there's no such thing as complete nothing. As humans we're essentially just making stuff up, who knows what we're right and wrong about

  29. God/The universe exists because Nothing cannot exist. Nothing is an impossible state for some reason so existence is a brute fact

  30. Yeah, its like "the forbidden formula"-0+0=0? Its really strange how something can come out of nothing and did it even, is everything even real (no i'm not saying that everything is a simulation) we could be just dreaming but now how does a thought come out of nothing ? Thats why people don't think about it, it just melts our brain

  31. First, there’s no evidence to even posit a god or gods. If you’re asking how the observable universe came to exist, look up the big bang theory. What came before that? We don’t know if there was anything before that and if there was, we don’t know that, either.

  32. I prefer to think that before the Big Bang was a Big Crunch. And before that a bang, and before that a crunch, forever and ever in both directions. Almost like the universe breathing in and out.

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