Has anyone used this fragrance? I am planning to gift this to my dad. Open to your suggestions too. Budget under 2k for a bottle of 70-100ml. (Something woody and long lasting).

  1. Don't blind buy. You can also try Titan Skinn perfumes. They are easily available to test in stores. For something woody and long lasting you can try Skinn Steele, Skinn Country Road or Forest Rouge. Benetton's United Dreams - Dream Big is also nice. It's woody and similar to Valentino Umo

  2. Thank you. Right now blind buy is my only option. My dad lives in a different city. And I don’t have the time to go out to test and check the perfumes. However I’ve used the Titan skinn series. Will definitely look into your suggestions. Cheers.

  3. CK is getting out of budget for now. Also I only see EDTs of CK online. Can hardly get my hands on CK EPDs. Kindly send a link if you have any tried and tested fragrance. Will definitely look into it. Thanks anyways

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