Master bedroom way too big, does anyone else hate this?

  1. Swapping with your girls sounds fun, though it depends on the layout of the rest of the house and the bathroom situation. I wouldn’t want to give up a master en-suite for a small hall bathroom.

  2. We don’t have a bathroom attached, it’s just our hallway bathroom! Well, one room has a toilet/laundry chute and the other has our sink/claw foot tub- don’t know why they are separated lmao

  3. It‘s actually a great idea if you want them to share a room. Give them space to grow, and get yourself a cozier room. You could have bunks kind of like two boxes with the entrance being on opposite sides like a S so they each get half a room to decorate.

  4. It was built in the early 1900’s, and I believe the front half used to be a sitting room but somebody took out that wall

  5. When I was a kid my mom moved into a smaller bedroom and turned the master into her sewing and craft room. She’s had it that way for about 20 years now. When Covid happened she also put her computer in there to work from home. She loves it. There are no rules!

  6. Just moved from a 3.2x3.6m bedroom to 4x4m and I'm stunned at how much bigger my floordrobe is now, the pile now has historical significance.

  7. I am with you on this, I still find it odd if I'm in someone's bedroom and they have space like a sofa or a reasonable amount of wardrobe space.

  8. i shared a large room with my twin sister for many years, i loved it. i always appreciated that our mom gave us the master to share, because like you she didn’t want a giant room. however it fit our beds and toys perfectly :-)

  9. I have always preferred a smaller bedroom. It's much more cozy and easy to keep tidy. Plus, it affords the opportunity to spend a bit more on nicer pieces when you are not having to buy a ton of things just to fill space.

  10. Totally agree, I don't understand the draw of the giant bedrooms. When we remodeled our house we designed our primary to fit a king bed with 3 feet on each side and 4 feet at the foot of the bed. It's perfect IMO. We also have a walk-through closer and an en suite bathroom and I wouldn't change a thing. I feel like if we had the giant bedroom we'd be tempted to add a desk or a couch or something and that's just not the function I want out of a bedroom.

  11. That’s kind of how our bedroom is and if I had the chance to change the layout I’d have chosen to add a couple feet to the kid’s bedrooms. There’s 8ft on one side of the king bed and 12ft on the other. The kids rooms are a good size but they’ll spend more time in their rooms than I will in mine. We’re lucky to have a huge playroom for them but I also struggle with what to do with all the space in our room and how to use it/lay it out practically without shoving a bunch of furniture in there.

  12. My house also has a very large master bedroom, so I turned it into an office with a desk area, lounge area, and TV area. My bed is in the smallest room of the house that’s maybe 1/4th the size. I think it makes a lot of sense to make a large room that can grow with your daughters, especially if it’s space that’s not being used.

  13. I like smaller bedrooms. My parents had a master bedroom like yours, but with vaulted ceilings. It’s honestly so cold and unwelcoming in there for exactly the reasons you described.

  14. I think it's a great idea! Besides, even if it would be weird, you using your home to meet your own needs is what matters, who cares if someone thinks it's strange. We turned our two bedroom house into a three bedroom by turning the upstairs laundry room into a TINY bedroom (it has a window that opens and is big enough.) It's strange, but was a lifesaver in the baby + toddler phase, when they had different sleep schedules. And I would have switched bedrooms with my daughter if ours didn't have an ensuite. Our room is bright and is always pretty warm, being south facing, where my daughter's room is dark and cold, being north facing and on top of the porch. It just doesn't make sense to me that the kid (or office space as the previous owners used it) was the cold and dark one, where the master is often WAY too hot, especially in summer.

  15. That sounds huge & not cosy at all. I think giving it to your kids to share is a great idea, they wold likely use & appreciate the space much more. From a practical & emotional side it would help give them more personal space too, I don't see a downside.

  16. That’s exactly what my friend’s family did growing up. Her parents took a smaller bedroom and she and her sister shared the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom and had room to spread out. It apparently worked out really well!

  17. I went from having a huge master bedroom (which I absolutley loved) we had an old house and someone had ripped out the fireplace and put in built in wardrobes.. I changed it back, ripped the wardrobes out, scouted around and found a victorian fireplace and a gorgeous surround, put big double wardrobes in the alcoves and added a huge mirror on top of the surround, we had a double aspect room, so I put our (huge) bed against one window, with bedside tables either side, old fashioned dressing table and chair, and added gorgeous long curtains .. room complete, it looked beautiful, old fashioned and elegant, now we've moved and we're back to a normal small size bedroom with built in wardrobes lol.. but I miss my huge bedroom.

  18. I get it. If it wasn't for my wife, I'd gladly sleep in a closet basically. As long as it was at least as long as me, and at least 2 feet wide, and at least 2 feet tall, I'd be happy lol.

  19. I’m the exact same but my husband loves having a big room. Luckily, he also agreed the girls would utilize it more

  20. Growing up I had a friend who had two siblings. The three kids and their parents lived in a 2BR house. One BR was not large and the other absolutely ENORMOUS, cavernous; everything you've described. The parents took the smaller bedroom and gave the three the gigantic room. I have fond memories of hanging out in that room. They made it work! 😊

  21. I know many parents who gave their children the largest bedroom because the kids had toys and other gear which takes up a lot of space whereas the parents just had a bed and dresser lol.

  22. That's exactly what we did! We made our master into the kids' room/play room. They love it! They love having an "on suite" bathroom as well. The cousins love to come over and play in the room too.

  23. We have two king beds next to each other, making a mega bed! My husband and the dogs all love it. We can all starfish and be comfortable.

  24. Yes I’ve seen those. Making it into a share room for your daughters sounds like a great idea. If they need privacy you could curtain off areas.

  25. As someone who grew up with a shared bedroom with my sister, I do not recommend it. I think its important for kids to have their own space, especially as they grow up.

  26. First world problems. Make a portion of it a sitting corner or vanity corner, and visually separate the space with rugs.

  27. Put a couch or some other seating in there! We have two recliners and an end table as a private chatting space for my wife and I in our master.

  28. We used to have a giant skinny master like that! We put a TV and a loveseat on one side and called it our 'apartment' and used it like a second living room.

  29. Put a bunch of shelves in it with a curtain blocking it and stock up on stuff you normally need happy it’s now easily grabbed unlike if it’s stored in the garage

  30. I am dividing my master bedroom into a sleeping space for my baby. I’m using the Ikea Kallax line to divide the space. We have so much space, I can’t wait to divide it.

  31. We have the same issue! Love our house but the master is 2x the size we need. Unfortunately the kids rooms are regular sized and wouldn’t be suitable for us. Growing up poor and in apartments my whole life— it’s a weird thing to complain about lol

  32. My parents bedroom is like this. Total wasted space. They have a “seating area” with a sofa, two chairs and a faux fireplace (a cool piece, inherited from my grandfather’s apartment) off to the side of an already good-sized bedroom with a king bed, dressers etc. They’d do better to make it an extra bedroom.

  33. Ugh we have a similar situation. Our bedroom has a California king bed and a couch and chairs and it's still too big. I don't want my bedroom to be an office/ bedroom or anything else. I just want the bedroom for sleeping. I thought about making my bedroom the kids playroom but it doesn't make sense to give up the end suite bathroom and huge closet. 🥲

  34. I have the same problem, with wooden floors and high ceilings. I ended up putting a large patterned rug in there. That helped a good bit.

  35. I have the same problem! I live in a city building that's like 150 yrs old and the rooms are huge! My bedroom is around 30 square meters (around 320 ft2 per my online converter). It hosts a working nook and my indoor bike, just because there's so much room, and it's really difficult to make it cosy.

  36. Lots of plants by the windows. You could add an Ikea type closet, wall to wall. I think having the big space probably allows for more fresh air during the night

  37. You are not crazy. My mother likes small homes with minimal stuff in it. I think you should do it if you like small spaces. Im pretty sure your girls would love it.

  38. Either do move the girls or make a bunch of little functional areas that you use to do other activities while in the room. Ex: Reading nook.

  39. Our master is huge too. So big actually that we took part of it and made another bedroom and it is STILL huge! I don’t like it either!

  40. I don't understand large bedrooms or bathrooms. I'm not hanging out there long or conscious, why do I want all this space. That said, our townhouse came with 3 large primaries and a small kitchen and living room. So much dead space. The only primary that is full is the one I turned into my office after the pandemic. It's got my desk, tons of plants and all my craft stuff. It's my happy space.

  41. My parents swapped rooms with my sister and I when we were old enough to both need desks in our room to do homework, and it was honestly the best thing ever. Sharing a room but having my own closet felt like such an upgrade!

  42. At my old place, our master bedroom was big and we don’t like having a lot of furniture. We swapped it with a smaller room and made it super cozy with a little fireplace heater. More than enough! We ended up making the master into an entertainment room

  43. Came here to say the same as a couple of other comments - are your daughters sharing at the moment? Do they want to share a room? My sister and I, while we got along great (and still do!), really needed our own space, especially as we got older…

  44. I wonder how it’s fun to take a long walk to get to the bathroom and then reach the pot to take a tinkle in the middle of the night when sleepy.

  45. You could get a great looking room divider- either one like a fixed barn door or a portable metal/wood etc.. one. It would work for either your room or if your kids shared & wanted their own but a shared space.

  46. Not crazy! I follow Tidy Dad on Instagram and his family did the same thing. Made the master bedroom the room for 3 children, moved parents’ to the smaller bedroom. It looks awesome and makes a ton of sense so the kids can play in their room, space for books and toys, etc.

  47. I like the idea of giving it to the girls - I don’t have kids so my priorities are different - but I would build an open-ish bath at the end near the cupboards, with a wall open at both ends serving as a bed head. Plumbing could be a bitch though in a house that wise.

  48. As a kid and a teen I spent most of my time in my room and it was my only personal space. As an adult I basically just sleep and dress in my bedroom. I’d give the kids the big room to share for toys, video games, desk for homework etc, and take the smaller one as long as you still have plenty of space to yourself.

  49. This might not be what you are looking for, but if you did want to go the two space route - I have a bedroom that’s roughly the same size and did a see through basically floor to ceiling bookshelf in the middle. I originally was going to add a wall but this was cheaper and looks great. Got the whole thing from IKEA for about $700

  50. I also hate the large bedroom, but I can also tell you that if my sister and I had to share a bedroom growing up, only one of us would have made it to adulthood alive. So just maybe keep that in mind when deciding?

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