Reminder: capitalists only use pride month to sell more products, they don't care about LGBTQ+ rights.

  1. Hasan wants to be a “dirtbag leftists” because he pals around with chapo and cum town but he still does all the performative woke shit on his stream. You can’t have it both ways

  2. Do we actually believe Hasan would call people a fag in public on purpose? Like he would just harm his own career for no reason

  3. If he can get away woth it absolutely. I fully believe hasan doesnt give a fuck if he emotionaly hurts a gay person. So as long as the people around him wont call him out for it i totslly belive he would.

  4. Didn't he roast a trans person live on stream for almost no reason? I think if he's not paying attention he would use that word.

  5. Reality is whatever Hasan proclaims it to be, cultivating all the YEPpers in his chat that form the impenetrable wall that provides cover and noise between him and any criticism.

  6. We believe Hasan doesn't care about gay people at all which is why it's annoying as fuck to see him pretend to champion them.

  7. No, of course not. If he was likely to do something like that, he would've already accidentally said it to his chat in one of the millions of times he's malding against some queer chatter of his which happens quite a lot.

  8. Yeah. He's a frat boy at heart. He doesn't have restraint or self control, and he's used to being macho and posturing in front of people

  9. He probably didn't fully understand what he retweeted but he should be responsible for reading what he tweets to avoid calling gay people slurs

  10. The Quartering isn't a grifter. Jeremy had the same shitty, reactionary views a decade ago when he was just some turd in the mtg community who put out low effort youtube content. He certainly leans into whichever specific happening is most popular when deciding which "woke SJWs are ruining the fabric of America geekdom with their cancel culture." story to talk about, but that isn't a grift. That's just how mass media works.

  11. Hasan would never call someone fag because he'd get blown the fuck up on social media but he would let other people say fag for him and go "yaas queen, go off" which isn't any better.

  12. YOU GUYS DONT GET IT. Its all in the name of satire he changed his pfp as a satire on big companies. Just like he bought his 3mil house and Ferrari as a satire on the rich. Also he flexes his wealth and desire for clout as a satire on celebrities....and uh....oh god im running out of copium SEND HELP.

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