What’s everyone’s favorite shader?

  1. The wildwood cloak or the dead orbit clock both become a cloak of stars and i wear it to excess!! matches nicely with metro shift.

  2. Butterbark - it's hilarious having a guardian fully made of wood (dependant on armour) or flying a wooden spaceship. Just absolutely goofy, I love it.

  3. Butterbark is the best on hive weapons, like the ones from the Moon or KF. Makes it look like your Guardian couldn't afford the fancy guns with chitin on them so you made your own with wood.

  4. I do this for all of my Titan's weaponry and for his Sparrow. He reminds of the Toblekai from Malazan, so I go for the ironwood style for his stuff.

  5. That’s one of those that really depends on the armor for me. For some it’s a nice balance of red and gold, for others they get the balance wrong and the red is too much. I’ve started using pomegranate gloss instead

  6. I love that shader IN THEORY but it always blows it in practise for me. Also frustrating you can't seem to get the 'patina' part on guns.

  7. I’ll start. Veist Poison, despite being a rare, is one of the best olive green shaders and I use it on all my Titan gear. My Honorable Mention is Breezy Clear. Even though it’s a terrible combination of colors, the Hawaiian pattern in the orange looks good on fabric like Titan marks and Hunter cloaks.

  8. Honors of the Nine, Echoed Anger, and Argent Teratorn are by far my favorites. I rarely use any other shaders

  9. Amethyst Veil is what I use for all my weapons, ships, and speeders. It just looks so good! And it's decently neutral so I don't have to change all my guns every time I change up my vibes :P

  10. Gambit Jadestone and Atmospheric Glow are tied for me. Where one might not work on one piece, the other fills in perfectly.

  11. Austringer + the Ornament that makes it look like Eyasluna + Gambit Chrome. Best looking gun in the game? I think so.

  12. Vintage Timber always looks great - classy and tasteful - on weapons in my opinion. Oiled Algae has a similar restrained aesthetic for armor I find.

  13. Lately, I’ve been on a big Celestia kick. I also like Desert of Gold. Also, Bungie, can you bring back Crucible Solemnity and all other limited-time shaders, please?

  14. Tyrian Abyss, Lunar Gloom, Mind’s Eye, First Frost, Circadian Chill, Polycarbon Powder, and Malibeaux Bronze are my favorites for PVE.

  15. Night's Chill for my Stasis Warlock. Rustberry for my Hunter so he's got a white pelt to go with his white tiger head. And Rivalry Blacksand for my pronged Titan.

  16. Envious Touch. Very unique texture and color for a metallic armor set, and gives things a sort of Darkness Resonance vibe long before we even knew that was a thing.

  17. Batou Tribe (I think) on my Titan. Black undersuit and a mix of metallic blue and white with a shifting blue pattern on the armour plate.

  18. Grand Luster. I know it's the poor man's Calus's Selected, but I have both and like this one better. Plus it makes glowy bits purple.

  19. Jacarina on most weapons, makes many solid dark black or cool blue details. (VotD guns for example, rotating squares are blue the rest all black.)

  20. Vanguard Discipline. Blue is my favorite color and Orange is a well known complimentary color so it works great.

  21. I always find myself going back to Dawning Warmth. It just looks so good on everything, the gold maroon and white just pop the right way.

  22. Jacarina for weapons. And either bitterpearl or the flawless vow shader( which I still haven’t got )

  23. I absolutely love Divinity's Caress on weapons. It's pretty simple since it's just silver and black with purple lights but I have yet to find a gun that looks bad with it.

  24. Calus's Selected is so clean (I'm a sucker for white and gold) on the vast majority of armor and weapons, it's my go-to shader. Honorable mentions: New Age Black Armory, Midnight Talons, New Monarchy Regalia, and New Monarchy Diamonds.

  25. Why is there no love for SUNRISE WARRIOR in here? SUNRISE WARRIOR is the best shader in the game. Glory to the SUNRISE WARRIOR!

  26. Nights Chill when Witch Queen released was my favorite. It was bugged and gave you like a neon pink leopard pattern. Still a good shader but I wish they’d put that pink pattern in as a new one or something.

  27. Ensilvered Snare is beautiful on warlocks. You get a lot of deep leathery patina on cloth, punctuated with burnished silver

  28. Azura. Released during SRL in D1, closest thing in D2 is Metro Shift, but it's no replacement for me since I don't like the fabric Titan armour, and the shader shades fabric as blue.

  29. I personally love Gloamstrife and Metallic Sunrise :D been consistently using Metallic Sunrise since I first started playing in late 2019 LMAO

  30. New Age Black Armory, Venomous, Carbon Blood, Seven Sisters are all staples for me(and I assume many other edgelords)

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