Depp and Heard’s Couples therapist testified she saw Amber’s bruising in person

  1. Do you think the jury has been influenced by all this toxic “public opinion” during the break in the trial? I know they’re not supposed to read anything that’s related to the trial but it’s literally everywhere. I don’t see how they can avoid it and I don’t think anyone supervises what they do.

  2. Considering she was Johnny’s witness and a big part of Johnny’s defense lies in his allegation that Amber faked the bruises with technology and makeup, I’m pretty sure they didn’t want her talking anymore lol

  3. We did, she testified for half a morning. She said Amber Heard was the primary aggressor and that Heard instigated the fights with Depp. She testified that Heard told her it was a "point of pride" to initiate fights with Depp. She testified that Depp had a 30 year track record of no abuse whatsoever towards women, and that everything went south with Heard, who tried to push him to be more aggressive. She testified that Heard was the one who would hit Depp. She testified that Depp would try to deescalate and retreat from the fights and that Heard did not want that. She testified that the two of them engaged in mutual abuse, but she only specified that Heard was known to be physically violent.

  4. This sucks because there's just so much evidence that he did in fact abuse her that it's frustrating seeing another one added to the pile that people will continue to ignore.

  5. This YouTuber Princess Weekes made a really great video about Amber titled ‘True Crime and the Theatre of Safety’ and she was talking about people not believing victims and said something that really stuck with me - “if she can breathe, she can lie.” Genuinely fkn chilling and heartbreaking.

  6. Tbh I think they are both abusive and both seem like awful, toxic people. They both dragged each others’ names through the mud. I do think Heard is probably a histrionic crazy lady. I think Depp abusive and a histrionic crazy man.

  7. I always assumed they'd go with the argument that she faked her injuries. Weird they're trying to deny that they exist - potentially the hill that they die on as anyone can plainly see that they existed.

  8. There isn't SO much evidence yet which is sadly the case for many women and men victims. While there is evidence he was verbally abusive but physically almost all of it is based on Amber statements/photos so far. No-one has testified to seeing him hit her and he hasn't admitted to it. Maybe there will be more concrete evidence but from a legal standpoint it's not very strong presently - reminder the legal system fails victims everyday.

  9. I’m rewatching some of the trial bits I missed during the week off and I just think it’s funny how his witnesses can recount in such detail all the times Amber was so awful and they definitely closely inspected her face and there was not one miss-placed hair on her head and Johnny only had 1.3 glasses of wine that night ect. But then on cross examination they just get terrible amnesia - I cannot recall. I cannot recall any specific details of that. Yes, I did write that text but I couldn’t possibly recall what I was talking about. I must have wrote that note because it’s there and it’s my handwriting but it was so long ago, I just couldn’t recall what it was actually about.

  10. I think its pretty evident he is lying and I think the jury will see this too. The unfortunate thing now is the goalposts have moved and the rhetoric online is 'he has won the moral victory and the world will now hate her' as if thats not what he wanted in the first place, everyone is willingly playing into his hands, its sad

  11. This! So much this! I also noticed JD fans complimenting him and praising him for staying calm on the stand bc he talks slowly and that he is so charming(!!). I mean, seriously?! To me it is unbelievable how it can come off that way. I grew up with an addict. I know DV. He is not calm and charming, he is slow, kinda rude and manipulating.

  12. What I don’t understand is that Amber did “everything right” (not saying that this is the only way to prove abuse happened), by recording and taking images but she is still doubted and abused all over the internet. It really is so sad, and will prevent women in the future speaking out

  13. She can’t win, if she didn’t have recordings and photos it would be ‘she’s lying, she hasn’t got any proof!’ She does have recordings and photos - she was setting up some scheming hoax! 🤯

  14. Because society might tell women that we'd believe them if only we have proof, here is the ultimate proof that this was always a lie. Society will never believe women who speak out.

  15. Because JD and his team is working overtime with emotional posts and tiktoks .🥺It has taken all over social media, they have managed to control the public opinion.

  16. very confused by this bc in one of the most notable recordings she talks about hitting him and he talks about walking away from it….? Somebody link me the recordings that reference him hitting her. Genuinely asking.

  17. Amber had bruising and specifically showed the therapist. Why didn't they go into detail about the bruising in the trial?

  18. I was choked to unconsciousness by my ex. I had no bruising on my neck and it was just slightly red for a few hours. He’d broken a small bone in my wrist, barely a bruise. My worst injury was rug burn covering my back from him dragging me across the apartment. Guess I wasn’t abused because my injuries weren’t like those seen in shows and movies, right?

  19. I accidentally run into walls sometimes cause my spacial awareness isn’t always the best, it only leaves bruises if I hit the right way. People don’t always bruise easily.

  20. Also all the testimony that this person or that person didn’t see bruises on her after an instance of abuse. First, not every strike leaves a bruise. Second, she could have been wearing makeup and styled her hair to cover up. Third, people don’t always notice every little thing about other people. I can’t tell you what shade of lipstick someone was wearing or what color their eyes were just because I spoke to them for a few minutes. Sometimes you just miss things. Depp’s side using this as evidence seems so bizarre. Just because a punch doesn’t leave a mark doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and just because one person didn’t notice a mark doesn’t mean it was never there.

  21. I was head butted in the face during a soccer game. Broke my nose - only sign of it was a thin bruise running from my nose up my forehead, for some reason.

  22. It took a day for my mom's face to swell or bruise after her boyfriend broke her nose. She had extreme swelling and was black and blue all over, but the only evidence right after the incident was the big pool of blood on the floor, and not so much as purple mark on her face. It took hours for the bruises to show. And she was hit so hard she blacked out and barely even remembers it to this day

  23. I sprained my wrist from repetitive stress last year. No swelling, no redness, no bruising. Just pain when moving it in certain angles. I also never bruised when my wisdom teeth were removed, though my lower cheeks did swell a lot but many people do get bruises from wisdom teeth removal.

  24. I fainted while standing up from sitting and landed directly on my face, hard enough to to bite off the tip of my tongue, my face broke my glasses , and i have chronic post concussion syndrome from minor brain stem damage. Physically i had very slight bruising on my cheekbone and a small goose egg along with a small forehead cut. That was all!

  25. To further prove your point, I've fractured my wrist and multiple other bones in my limbs, and only the two bones in my ankle I broke once showed any sign of injury. No colouring, no swelling, nothing.

  26. But did she go to the doctor? I know dissenting opinions are not really liked here, but as of now (which can change because her case is not over), im having a hard time squaring her retelling of events with what is in evidence. She is taking pictures and audio recordings of their relationship since basically the beginning which I can't ignore. She is describing two broken noses, gruesume beatings, being dragged across the floor and glass shredding up her feet. I am to believe she didn't see a doctor once for any of these injuries. How do you know for a fact your nose is broken without going to a doctor? I dont care if she went and said she fell down the stairs, i just need something that reflects the severity of injuries she's alleging.

  27. I thought it was so interesting how every witness prior to her was like “I NEVER saw cuts or bruises on Amber!” And then she, who is the first witness who isn’t Johnny’s friend or employee, was the first one to say she DID see evidence of Amber being hit. If I was on the jury that would tell me Johnny’s witnesses are obviously lying for him.

  28. I am so tired of the bullshit coming from the Deppford wives. Their excuse now is that Depp has a series of mental/developmental disorders. Which ones you ask? Well, according to them he has ADHD, depression ect. and uwu that makes him soo vulnerable, and he's not just a cishet white 50yo male and that there was an imbalance of power and mean Amber abused poor innocent Johnny...

  29. How have I a person with ADHD and depression gotten along in my life without screaming and slamming and punching everyone??? I didn't know that having ADHD and depression gave me a pass to be violent!

  30. Don't forget that it was Amber who was diagnosed as a kid with ADD (now referred to as ADHD), so that's just another lie he stole from her story, yet again!

  31. Also as to the imbalance of power, a woman posted a meme earlier saying Depp needed an “Amber Alert”. Which is gross on a few levels but like seriously? The 46 yo, wealthy, father, and superstar in a long term relationship needed a warning against the unknown 23 year old woman? Is he an adult man or a fucking teenage boy with no wealth or fame to back him up?

  32. It means Depp is a crap father who doesn't protect his daughter from predators. However, he didn't 'pimp her out'. That's irresponsibly hyperbolic.

  33. I just walked past a hairdresser with a sign outside saying "Amber Heard not welcome". I marched on in there and told them how offensive and ignorant their stupid board was. My blood is boiling and this was the natural (/only) place to vent this!

  34. I watched the couples therapist full testimony. She said she saw them over 18-20 sessions and concluded that Amber would instigate a lot of the situations and admitted to her that she took a bit of pride in being able to get a reaction out of Depp. Did anyone else watch her testimony? I found hers to be the most compelling since she wasn’t hired by either side.

  35. What I immediately take from that is that if abuse is going on in a relationship, a competent therapist isn't supposed to continue to see the couple together anymore.

  36. you people are far worse then you claim Amber to be, you actually take the time to attack her like she hurt your family. exchange Depp for a regular working class man (ideally a walmart employee since those poor guys seem to get so much verbal abuse from customers for no reason) and you WOULDN'T CARE

  37. This sub has convinced me there's a lot of suspicious stuff on Depps side of things that people are just 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 about.

  38. She testified in court, and was examined by Depp and Amber's teams. And she didn't say it in court. People should think about that.

  39. Have you see the documents of text message exchanges between Amber, him and the their friends and family? Only ONE of them continuously spoke about killing and/or raping the other. He literally kicked her in the back in a public setting and friends would talk him “beating the shit outta her again”. There’s no such thing as mutual abuse.

  40. Mutual abuse is not a thing. Amber may have been violent after multiple instances of abuse towards her, that does not make the abuse mutual. Please research more on abuse dynamics

  41. If you start dating someone, and the other person progressively abuses you over say, 2 years, and eventually you snap and defend yourself and fight back, would you tell people you are in a mutually abusive relationship?

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