How does everyone feel about their first ladder characters? Drops? Anything else?

  1. First time trying hard-core, got my assassin to 65 ish and stepped into hell. Got one shot by some extra strong extra fast spear ladies with fanaticism in the cold plains.

  2. Hell is a big jump compared to nightmare when playing on hardcore. Nm baal gives decent experience up until 76 or so and it's worth sticking around nightmare for about that long. Assuming your resists are reasonable (lightning and cold are the most important by far), the biggest danger in hell is physical damage. Don't let anything with might or fana near you, and if you ever get amped just go to town.

  3. Pretty much how sorcs are until you get some decent gear. Items with mana after kill your best friend, or socket something with some gems.

  4. If your on switch or ps4, I have runes for insight for ya, free of charge. I’ve been using a bow insight on act 1 merc and she’s doing better for me then act 2 merc so far. Hit me up

  5. Did you have bad resistances and life total? Gotta have that in HC to survive. My level 80 barb in A2 Hell with maxed res and 4.5K life, still have moments of close calls

  6. Having alot of fun, haven't got many drops yet but still having a ton of fun with my hydra sorc.

  7. Having fun with my blizzard sorceress but struggling to finish hell. Stuck in act 3 and the lobby has only been showing the same dozen games and when I make one nobody joins. Besides that and the complete lack of usable drops I’m having a blast.

  8. Just join a game where they already beat Trav. Have trav wp or tele to there. Go down the open staircase (this works). Get dury2 wp. Leave game. Create your own. Tele from WP and Moat meph. Go to act4. This works as of last night.

  9. It’s hard to say yes there’s plentiful of people to play with but I’m a foh along with like half of the pop lol I’m level 70 and I can get through nm but going into hell is super sketchy I get shmacked! Aha I have been getting a lota uniques in NM. I have around 170 mf with my unique helm (I forget which one) Ali baba and gold wrap

  10. Same here but with Druid elemental mainly with oak sage and a point in each summoning. Fire elemental now but will switch to wind purely once I get gear but I’m only finding necro stuff at this point! Mine is level 70 and can handle den of evil and kill npcs but it would take half an hour without wind with the fire resistances.

  11. Having fun with my hydra sorc. Only lvl 50 but found a Vipermagi off random pack in Radaments Lair yesterday. Thats the only item of real note I've found so far. Found +2 fire skills wand which was super helpful!

  12. I think I’ve learned how little time I have these days. Got a level 60 hydra orb sorc and just so behind everybody. With a new baby started few days late - it’s also not the same without folks to play with. Struggling to find groups or anybody to hang with long term to make it worthwhile. All the gaming boys from back in the day on different games or busy.

  13. You have a new baby and you're level 60? Fuck me. I have a 9 week old and the best I have is living vicariously through this subreddit and thread.

  14. Lvl 85 HC Amazon. Been running pits for last few days and not much noticeable. A rockstopper and a 40ED jewel is best of it

  15. I’ve got a level 80 berserker Barb. Never played barb before, but am having fun doing trav, nilithak, and pit runs. Just got my second ohm runes (through trading) and will roll a grief when I get on tonight.

  16. Started as singer barb. I was amazed how well warcry preformed. Plus everyone loved the maxed BO I gave em, playing in HC and everything. Stopped at level 80 A2 Hell out of boredom. Ran around with dual spirits, myth, IK helm, and that's about it for gear. Got lucky and found perfect chance guards, 40 life skiller, skullders, and an eth 4os elite polearm. Decided to sell my items and cash out though. The new builds are fun, throw barb and fohdin. Overall, great changes but the ladder didn't keep my interest longer than 3 days. Single player is a bit more relaxing and what I enjoy the most lately

  17. lvl 78 trapsin in full sigons with a raven frost absolutely BRUTE FORCING my way through with a merc that outgears me. I've been liking my decision to not sorc first.

  18. Same here, playing a lvl 65 trapsin. I love the looks of the assassin, and being the only assassin in pretty much every game feels good too. Instead of being 1 of 8 sorcs or pally's

  19. First time trying Fire Druid. I tanked by myself until hell, now I have to avoid fallen as they have fire immunities. Trying to find a monarch and broad sword so I can make spirit and change to wind Druid. Running through cold plains to blood Raven and raiding those two dungeons. Any suggestions is welcome

  20. I had the same issue and respected to Wind. However Still cant get spirit so I'm doing NM cows for some gear

  21. Makes me realize I don’t have the time to play like I did when I was younger and am starting to wonder where everyone buys enigmas online at legit sites lmao

  22. I’m doing great. It’s been a blast so far. Went holy fire/zeal from jump then used a respec for FoH around 45 I think. Found bases in nightmare for my insight and spirit then found a broadsword in cows for my other spirit. Leveled up doing Baal runs in nm and then went through hell around lvl 70-72. Farmed with my FoH for a bit and got lucky and got a Sur rune off some random mob in catacombs level 3 and then got an ist rune from the hell forge. Traded down with both to get runes and the base for a grief. Now I have a grief (it rolled 31/399) and am working on getting my Druid high enough to use it.

  23. How high is your Druid I have some low level gear. Running a Druid now elemental focus (currently all fire but will switch to wind once I have the gear, which I haven’t found yet lol). Also what kind of Druid are you?

  24. A little slow so far I'm level 21 nova sorc, I was just farming mephisto and got a gull dagger 5th run which is a nice boost in mf early on

  25. Went for pally to try out FoH. Started holy fire and cruised through normal, switched to hammers in act 2 nm, act 2 and act 3 in hell were a grind. Slammed out ancients with hammers and respected to FoH.

  26. I’ve been having really good luck with my fohdin in the pits. I threw on a 4 socket armor and 3 socket helm with topazes since resists don’t matter too much there, unlike cs. And I found a shako there today!

  27. Playing a Hydra Orb sorceress. Drop sucks but fun is here because I'm playing with the same friend from High School .

  28. I’ve been playing a fire elemental Druid. Pure fire skills. Got to nm and just kept running countess over and over. I’ve been getting the best tune drops from countess I ever have, multiple legendaries along the way. Been going great for me.

  29. Lost a HV lvl 60 paladin a5 NM :(. Slow to load into the glacier trail and had a pack of fanaticism moon lords smack the shit outta me before I even knew what happened

  30. That's why I just can't do HC. I could handle it if I did something dumb and got myself killed. Looking at a dead character when the screen finishes loading is another thing entirely.

  31. Rocking a FoHdin and loving it. Found an eth Reapers Toll so I run redemption and I don't need Insight on the merc. Eventually I'll get a zod and make a werewolf. Had a blast running through with a group I found on discord. We got through hell and all had spirits the first night.

  32. Playing a nova sorc. Start was weak middle was hella fun. Hell act 3 to 5 i was pure useless. Except for tele. Also maxing Es and Tk makes me tanky af.

  33. Debated doing ladder or not, decided to give it a try with a fire sorc. Ber rune off a random trash mob in Den of Evil of all places. It was apparently something Allah wanted me to do!

  34. I am enjoying it so far, but only on normal Act 2 for the moment. I feel like I'm getting better drops in ladder than I do in non-ladder, but people have said drops aren't better so maybe it's just a coincidence? But I definitely am enjoying it so far. Probably helps that since it's ladder, it's also piqued the interest of my friend as well so we've been able to run together as a duo.

  35. Playing trapsin on PS4, just beat Baal in normal so I can finally do runs LVL 31, haven't found shit but at least I have stealth armor. Keep buying mana pots tho it's killing me lol. I try not to go back on non-ladder, the early struggles always pisses me off hahah It takes like 4-5 for me to be good with decent gear, I don't have that time it's not winter anymore haha

  36. Loving the fresh start. Skipping sorc completely this time around. Holy fire is great now. Can't wait to try out the zooid next.

  37. Trying out the sorceress fOrb with hydra and I gotta say it is stupidly strong even leveling. Things just evaporate, currently going through hell

  38. Regretted making a kicksin, too slow in building wealth. Lvl 82 clearing countess needs 14 mins for fuck sake.

  39. So far so good. Started paladin instead of my usual mf sorc, playing solo. Good went to great yesterday when I was doing nightmare cows, looking for a good base for a spirit shield and a HoZ dropped. Huge boost and now instead of hell being tough, I'm in act 5.

  40. I forgot how normal ACT 4 can be hard if you don't have an instant access to spirit, insight from previous character

  41. Pushed 87 first day (first session) on hc with foh pala. With two spirits i was able to solo spam cs, droped Sims T2 uniques and sets. In run +- 50 ive droped vex and made hoto. Day 2-3 i was somewhere in 20-25 on ladder however didnt Play that much in group, lvl 30foh melts CS in 3-4 minutes but it got a little bit easy, too easy for this stage of progreson, small eq and luck of filter Hurts the most. I could farm more, do ubers etc however everytihng seems very trivial and it will get easier and easier each skill point. Ive played not much today and yesterday, launch was pretty fun, but d2r Has big journey before IT self to cautch up to pd2, build little tweeks to make viable non usable skills, filters and bigger eq for a start would be nice at next season. I will Play a little more, however im resting before Poe and pd2 launches

  42. Found a Tal's amulet on Normal with my Hammerdin day one. Sold it for Vex and broke that down into full Mav's and 9 Bow and Crossbow skillers. Tomorrow, I start an Amazon to finish ladder with!

  43. My first unique gloves were a lowball Chances, my first spirit was 1 off lowball and my first Unique amulet was a lowball mara's. I sense a pattern emerging :D

  44. I have no life so I basically grinded mf runs all weekend. Self-found SoJ, Occy, Shako, Vmagi, Skulldersx3, a couple ists guls and a single vex from mephisto super chest. Hell Andariel and Hell Meph, probably around 500 runs and it was not fun.

  45. Like a lot of people, I started with a FoHdin, and it's going okay. I've been able to beat the game, with joining random parties for certain parts (Act 2 and 3 of hell). Now I'm trying to figure out where the best place to farm is with my budget gear. My current MF is less than 50 at the moment, so I need to build that up, but I haven't found a 4os armor to put perfect topazes in.

  46. Started good with a perfect spirit. Since then, absolutely nothing. 2.5m gold down, no gull. Also no monarch yet despite running stony tombs 50x

  47. Been running with 2 buddies for the extra MF while we each scatter to diff spots and do our runs. Day 2 we got a Ber in hell headed to Countess. Day 3 I got Ber in Hell cows (poison necro) and traded it for Jah. We had a day 4 Enigma made lololol. Our first torch was a 10/14 Assassin RIP. It’s been a great ladder so far!

  48. Solo my blizzard hydra sorc all the way… farmed nm meph about 200 runs. Hell andy 240, and she is being truly generous by giving me 2 shakos (sold one for vex) and a soj. 10 round of cows got me 1 vex. Got a lots of unique bows, 3 goldstrike, 2 kuko 2 witchwild… not interested in bowazon and no one seem to be interested in these bows early ladder. no vipermagi and no occy yet. And yeah, 70 pindleskin got me only 1 set and no unique… is Pindleskin drop nerfed?

  49. went full blizz and just rolled a good insight in a matriarchal bow! she doesnt die as much as the act2 merc, i might sacrifice insight for some sort of amp bow

  50. I love melee characters so I’m doing a fury Druid I should be stepping Into nightmare this week and probably hell next weekend I’m having a lot of fun

  51. How are you drops so far? I’m level 75 and to act 2 hell but my gear is laughable. Elemental druid with some summoning but mostly oak sage.

  52. This concerns me. I just got my Merc an insight, and made my spirit sword. Also have my magefist, and was ready to switch to FoH. Maybe I shouldn't.

  53. I also started as FoH. I haven't played much so I just got to hell and lvl 60. Anywhere without demons and undead is just brutal man. I finally got a shitty insight and a spirit sword crafted, but no spirit shield yet nor a 2nd Sol to make a Lore. I'm a little worried about hell and really want to resist the temptation of respeccing hammerdin.

  54. Level 76 as of today. Been doing crypt, Andy and stony tomb runs. Got a tal ammy last night off of nightmare meph and a shako today off a random pack in the crypt. Pretty good start

  55. Sounds bout right. I gave up trying to progress past act two and do full super unique runs on act 1. It's actually pretty not to bad.

  56. I've played in a lot of ladders stretching all the way back to the inaugural season. Somewhere in the last ten years or so I switched to offline play because I mostly played by myself anyway and there are numerous advantages to offline play if you're willing to give up playing with other people. However, for the years that I did participate in the ladder reset it was a big deal for me. I'd often participate in the race to 99, and I was frequently in contention for the top spot in the early days of the reset before bots took over and ruined the whole thing.

  57. Great story man! Sorry you’ve had bad experiences in lobby system. Sounds like your golden clan material but I’ve never tried to join a clan so I know nothing about it. Keep on gaming!

  58. Same here. I'm also playing this game for the first time on console and it has so many issues. I stayed up late, the first night for the grind and nostalgia but I'm so done with console ladder until we get 'lobbies, chat, trading, cross-play' you know things more important than a couple new rune words...

  59. started out as a summonmancer, even though I usually do a sorc just for convenience. made it to hell before realizing my kill speed is just to slow to be efficient. started a sorc instead and am now preparing her to do what I should have just done to start with lol.

  60. I’m getting all necro stuff! It’s not great but good started stuff. No Druid stuff, elemental Druid (will be wind focused once I get gear but fire now). Level 70 nm no prob he’ll whipping my ass need better Druid gear and haven’t found.

  61. Made an hdin due to not having to worry about immunities. It's pretty boring so far. I'm level 87 on hardcore ladder.

  62. I'm having a really fun time with my fohdin. I ran nm chaos last night for leveling and got a couple decent drops. We'll see if I have less fun going through hell, lol.

  63. I started out with a sorc because, magic find. I now have gear and really want to get another character up. Too many sorcs, too many pally's, need to see something different on my screen.

  64. Went summoner druid up to hell then switched to hurricane druid when I hit a brick wall.

  65. Currently a level 20 something fire Druid but plan to switch to a maul/Armageddon werebear. It may be crap but imma find out for myself.

  66. I have a bone snap for that if you have anything to trade for it. Currently Xbox but will have pc up in going by Wednesday once I get my mouse.

  67. I’ve gotten a few decent things for lower level and I’m 70 now. Mostly not my character stuff too so I’m gonna have a hard time trading for the high level gear I need and can’t seem to find.

  68. For starters it is really nice that there no longer are hours of queue time. With patch 2.4 rolled out and tested and now being able to play it ladder - surely gives our bellowed game a new touch which also is very nice.

  69. I've had 2 pairs of Bramble mitts, 2 kos and a pul drop. That's all I've had worth to share. Just messing around with my summon necro trying to gear up a bowzon. She's already killing it with a gummed out bow

  70. TWO bers already dropped for me and i haven’t EVER seen a ber drop in d2 in my life so yea it’s been a FANTASTIC ladder so far :D

  71. Pretty shit. Really hard to find a Baal run that doesn’t take 20 minutes because the tele’r is farming or the game I join only last a couple runs. Would really love to hear some recommendations on where the find baal runs cause what I’m doing ain’t it.

  72. What are you playing on? I’m on Xbox but will have pc Wednesday when my mouse arrives. I’m aware of the lobby issues on pc but I’m on it for old friends only. Xbox has a great system for finding games outside of the lobby. It’s great and haven’t had any issues yet!

  73. HC is… hardcore 😂 I’ve never run HC but brother in law swears by it. I died 3-5 times getting up to 70 as an elemental focused fire Druid with oak sage maxed and one in every summoning skill. Will respec to wind druid purely same summoning and oak sage once I get gear and won’t have a problem with hell (sc).

  74. Hear that! Understand that! My usual go to first character as they are great for farming but damn ladder drops are hard. They are good but not excellent.

  75. I did this at launch and had great success. This time around I went HC and singer barb. Screw efficiency I'm having fun

  76. I skipped it too.. I just started playing again a few months ago, then restarted to play offline solo.. Didn't want to start over yet again.

  77. I’m playing a hardcore, classic, ladder barb. Level 19 in act 2, seems like I get a decent amount of yellows… got a nagelring and two or three set items so far. I’m having fun but I’m just going through the game super slow and careful, this is the first time I’ve played Diablo 2 in about fifteen years. According to the ladder before I went to sleep, my level 19 character was already top 400 on that ladder lol

  78. I got to act 5 and decided to respec my pally, then accidentally shift clicked all my points into strength and bricked my character. The pain is still fresh.

  79. been hands down the worst fucking rng ive ever had in any ladder start. stopped playing entirely.

  80. got a wake-up call in Hell with my trapsin. was really tough dealing with lightning immune areas. Solo'ing travincal took me half an hour or so with a low level fire blast (?)

  81. Got to about level 33 after weeks of solo play, trying to find games with other people leveling. Finally called it. Sad truth: LoD was so much better (because of players to actually play with). Quit D2 Res, and probably won't revisit the franchise. The games/lobby situation is dire.

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