60 Minutes (2021) - Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? [00:27:35]

  1. All those resources and man hours wasted to come to the conclusion from the last guy who worked the case. Might not even be the dude they are looking for, anyone could have written that anonymous note.

  2. From reading the book, my impression was that after they heard on the radio that the Western Front has been opened with the D-Day, they had forgone a lot of caution. In her final day's notes she described how they were all hyped up and excited, got visitors, brought 'celebratory' strawberries that they were preparing in the kitchen. Basically all the caution that they had followed since they moved, had gone away that day. They thought the war was going to end in a few days, but obviously it continued for nearly another 1.5 years.

  3. I’m legitimately confused at to why you’re getting downvoted? Maybe I’m misinterpreting the comment but it read like you were answering the question in the title ? Which would not be a far off or crazy assumption as to who reported her…..

  4. You’re literally using the Nuremberg Defense here on reddit 80+ years after we had a whole year long international trial over that plea?

  5. Nobody fucking betrayed them what the fuck? HITLER WAS EXTERMINATING JEWISH PEOPLE, AND SHE WAS JEWISH. she was found because she made too much noise in the hiding spot she had, that's it....

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