What Qatar Doesn't Want the World to See (2022) - Qatar has trapped people in its country, and now they're hiding them from view for the World Cup. [00:32:17]

  1. Qatar probably thought the World Cup would clean up their image and make them respected around the world. Instead, it's been a great opportunity for journalists and human rights activists who already knew about the problems to expose all of it. All eyes are on Qatar, and it's impossible to avoid hearing about at least some of what is going on. It would probably have been a better idea for Qatar to just go quietly about their dirty business.

  2. So so true! The Qataris are not used to having such scrutiny. They allegedly bought off FIFA to host it but you cannot buy off everyone.

  3. I'm more cynical about it,the WC has proven to the world and Qatar how accepting and apathetic businesses and nations are towards the Qatari/Emirates ways. No vountty oulled out,FIFA got caught abd the venue didn't shift and its biz as usual fir sponsors.It just looks like Qatar got away with it and they are "too big to fail"

  4. I don't know why but nothing he make seems like he really has a lot of time investigating anything. He jumps in with flashy statements as if it's fact. I stopped watching him. The North Korea episode where he's sitting around staring at all these old Korean War documents as if he was going to just absorb everything there was to know about the situation in a day. Meh.

  5. This guy does a lot of misleading mini docs on YouTube. Some of his "historic" documentaries are ful of inaccuracies and him trying to stick a lot of his personal views in the content.

  6. I actually like his work, Im grateful for any independent journalism. I always dive deeper into topic he present and do my own research.

  7. I watched the first part and thought it was weird how he kept cutting out and showing the pre cut footage on whatever video editing software.

  8. Seriously, a little over the top for someone who can only toss papers around and drag their hands down their face in disbelief

  9. Yeah, i was disappointed tbh. He spent more time on his journey to try to get there than any of the actual people who were there. I like his stuff but yellow card for this foul, more time on the actual people than the wt man in DC. Info about the system that Qatar was good tho.

  10. The filming and editing style are so self indulgent, I was turned off and stopped watching after two minutes. I'd like a documentary without the jump cuts, shaky cam, and all of the "cool" bullshit and just give me the damn facts, thank you.

  11. He’s a master at presenting almost zero actual meaningful information. I find him super infuriating to watch. I hate the fake motivations more than anything.

  12. Honestly, I recently feel the same about his videos, but I think his content has always been like that and probably it's what makes him engaging and somewhat relatable from a western perspective, hence his success. It's just too much now

  13. I think people are missing the point. This documentary is a bit of a preview of his behind the scenes Patreon thingy, the Newsroom. There is another less behind the scenes video on Qatar. Personally, as a person who loves journalism, I find it very interesting to see how the sausage is made.

  14. Most of the slaves I believe are from South Asian countries. It's sickening what they do to those poor men who go there to support their families back home. Some are sent back in literal caskets

  15. A friend recommended his channel knowing that both Harris and myself are ex-mormons, but even that shared experience wasn’t enough to get me to watch one of Harris’ videos without immediately disagreeing with his framing, takes, and even editing style. That’s before it came to light that he was uncritically repeating WEF (a big old think-tank) talking points in a bare-bones video WHILE SPONSORED by them.

  16. Nobody cares,everyone who's ever been to the Emirates knows how their labour works and they don't really care unless they are local journos/activists.

  17. I know right? I saw this post and thought “finally, Johnny Harris getting some recognition” but then I saw every comment was hating on him. Whether or not his videos are credible, they are still eye candy for YouTube viewers. Redditors have no idea what art of film and editing is so they’ll most likely hate it

  18. Yeah, did not expect it. Idk if people here are only watching HBO, BBC, and the Intercept documentaries, but his stuff is some of the best on YouTube.

  19. I liked his stuff at Vox but I feel like he has too much creative freedom on his own channel. I also think his talent is in storytelling and not journalism which was okay at Vox because the bar was already set pretty low.

  20. Yeah, this is the one that made me unsubscribe. I'm halfway through the video (16 minutes!) and still nothing of substance has happened, only the 'making of'.

  21. It starts slow, but gets to important points and is worth skipping through. I think for him this kind of documentary is a big emotional undertaking, so he probably tends to over focus on his side of the story. However I learned a lot from the video, and can relate to many points as I've worked in the gulf region before.

  22. somehow overtime I feel like johnny harris's stuff has gotten worse. Less informational more narrative-focused. It feels like he's not trying to show us this cool thing, he's trying to get us to agree with him. But maybe thats just the nature of the topics he chooses these days.

  23. His video on 'How Europe stole the world' was atrocious. Made me question everything that I learned from his videos honestly. Which is sad because the production value is great, and I really like the format

  24. 6.5 minutes in, and I am still watching them being unable to do their job.... going back to ignoring the WC as a whole.

  25. I watched the second video you mention after watching the FIFA docuseries on Netflix. Felt like he basically did a summary of it tbh...

  26. Does anyone still not know of the plight of migrant workers in Qatar? There's been several stories for years. What a peice of shit place half funded by most of the US and Europe's money. Seriously, fuck that place.

  27. Anyone participating in this charade is complicit. From the brands advertising, to the companies supplying toilet paper to the athletes and billionaire owners themselves. These are all deliberate choices being made, nobody is just "along for the ride" here.

  28. in previous report, Qatar imports hard labour, took all their papers, keep them in somewhat furnished container box.

  29. I don't know what it is exactly, but the Johnny Harris "documentaries" seem more and more like they're aimed at promoting him as an all-knowing hipster with unwashed hair rather than exploring the subject he's chosen. And all this map porn stuff seemed entertaining at first, but by now it's so overdone that it just seems silly. Plus this strange mixing of "behind-the-scenes stuff" and the actual documentary ... which is stylish, but also totally strange. Especially because he spits out all the info so excitedly, as if it was all already in his head and he didn't have to research it, simply because he knows everything.

  30. It's amazing how many people are complaining about the video showing him having a hard time with not being able to get information out of Qatar in a video about how Qatar makes it hard to get unwanted information out to doctor their image. Talk about a "whoosh" moment from everyone.

  31. Nothing about this is journalistic. He's looking at a map, pointing at a blue bit, and saying "I want to go there because I think there's stuff going on."

  32. lemme conclude this: 7 minutes in and still nothing happened. we could repeat that waking from our sleep "he wanna go there but none helps him". 2 minutes begging for donations because of poor content they cant pay bills. 15 minutes in every sentence repeated a minimum of twice. cannot watch it further. this could've been a 3 minutes YT short.

  33. Forgive my pessimism but it just seems like Qatar did a speedrun version of hyper-capitalist/neo-colonial practices that have been around for ages. Like,all of it is horrendous but it just looks like shit Europe/US was doing even less than a century back in SE Asia,Africa and LatAm.

  34. He is a storyteller. It's trying to sell a story about looking at the zoning and discovering the worker district. But we already bow about it, it's not new news. Here's a 7 years old article:

  35. Had to check it out despite negative comments, or perhaps because of them. And yes, the comment section is accurate. I couldn't make it past the 4 min mark before i started looking for something sharp. Worst thing ever. Worst guy ever.

  36. Shouldve been titled " watch me pretend to be a journalist and somehow still be unaware that all Gulf countries have industrial zones. waste of time till the interviews at the end

  37. All the cutsie quick cut edits focusing on the narrator are over long and distracting from the story. And I'm not gonna stay and work to patch together a story from these fragments to make it make sense. The burden on the viewer is too high. Clean it up and repost. The message has promise but is overwhelmed with clutter.

  38. Yeah, fuck this guy. I watched him a little when he first branched off from Vox, but dude spends so much time focusing on himself. Like is it a documentary about Qatar or Johnny Harris. No wonder Vox let him go.

  39. Not here in defense of Qatar but Russia and China aren't clean countries either, they held the world cup and Olympics and yet not too much complaints...

  40. Fairly interesting, but unfortunately the guy who makes these videos loves himself wayyy more than the story he is trying to tell

  41. Oh FFS, we get it: it was not easy to find someone to talk to and film what's going on. But this is too much! I closed the video after about 5:30

  42. Despite the shitty youtuber johnny harris who made this joke by rubbing his hands on his face, documenting himself drinking coffe and telling the wife im going to Qatar and all that cringy stuff. Why didn’t anyone talked about these stuff when it happened in russia ? Russia also did the same thing and so many people died but no one seems to care, South Africa and brazil alot of poor guys died working in the stadiums and infrastructure projects but not a single soul talked about it ! Let’s ask the real question here why didn’t anyone seems to care the minute they annonce that Qatar will host the next world cup (that was 2010 btw). Another question what is the right country to host such an event without any violation of human rights ? Usa ? Hahahah ask the latin americans Uk ? Please solve the immigrants issue before France or germany or turkey ? Let’s not dig into the history. America and canada will do the same thing starting from now let’s see if someone speaks about it.

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