Daily Chat 5/3 ⚾ Game Day

  1. It’ll be 6-1 Dodgers with the only Giants hit being an 8th inning dinger by Joc to left-center

  2. Dodgers only sell the whole week strip, and idk if they will sell anymore to the general public. Otherwise, resell. Join different dodger groups on facebook, you might be able to get a better price than stubhub

  3. here goes the old song and dance again today. Lets hope it won't be as crazy as last year, not sure my heart can take it.

  4. After the giants we don’t face a currently winning team until early June vs the Mets. Not that that means anything since we lost a series to the Dbacks but it’s nice to know we got some time for Heaney and the other injured pitchers to get healthy.

  5. Is parking the same price at the stadium as online? I’m seeing $25 online. Any reason to not buy online instead of at the gate? Thanks!

  6. I saw people joking about Hanser going the whole year without a walk, so I looked up his stats and… he has 29 walks in 1184 ABs!!!! Holy shit!!!

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