[Vassegh] #Dodgers are in the middle of playing 31 games in 30 days. Through the first 20 games they are 13-7.

  1. And Doc has got to manage for the long haul, so there's going to be some days when he has to give guys days off and/or leave a starting pitcher in a little longer because the BP is already taxed.

  2. That's why I occasionally like to not be in the game chat while watching the game because it's easy to get sucked into the dooming lol. Take a step back, look at what we're doing compared to the league and the other teams and it makes you wonder why some people are acting as tho we're playing terribly. A little bit ago when we had lost a couple of games I saw someone say our season was over lol.

  3. I know you mean the rate of the games but I still don't think I can call the Cubs, Pirates, Phillies, DBacks and Nats the "toughest part of the schedule"

  4. Baseball won’t let us be a 130 win team smh 2 losses against the Dbacks and Rockies and Pirates each and 1 fluke loss against the Phillies. Should easily be 36-6 or something rn

  5. Especially the offense. We lead the league in runs per game at 5.49. That’s with Muncy struggling and a lot of guys getting off to slow starts. The next highest are the Giants at 5.19 and the Cards at 4.84. That’s a pretty big margin when you consider that the margin between us and the Cards at 3rd is about the same as the difference between the Cards and the Braves who are 17th with 4.18.

  6. That's with us giving away a couple games too and a couple starters out, but that's how baseball is. We're nasty.

  7. Yep. According to the stats we're also one of the unluckiest teams in baseball right now, so we should have a few more games bounce our way later in the year as well.

  8. Don't you mean Cardinals Devil Magic? The Phillies have no magic. They've been playing .500 ball at best for a decade. The Dodgers will lose against them.

  9. Doc keeping us in first place this long into one of the most competitive seasons in recent MLB memory is going to cement him as THE definitive Dodgers skipper of the 21st century (so far)

  10. 13-7 with the lineup being mid a couple of times is great. Team is starting to click so this is extremely sustainable

  11. Freddie + Mookie = unbeatable mookie. You guys got the MVP right now. Soto's numbers are down across the board. And if Matt Olsen gets back to the awesome power, both first baseman have the same MVP count. Freddie's OPS is more "put it in play" so far, which is exactly where they wanted it to be. They don't want Freddie to have to hit homeruns. That's why freddie is so scary.

  12. Who cares. Its freaking baseball where 99% of the time is spent standing around when you're not sitting in the dugout

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