That face, though! What does it mean?!

  1. It's called a submissive grin. It's a gesture used to show she's not a threat & doesn't want you to be aggressive towards her.

  2. Aww - she’s such a sweetie so we knew after a while that she meant no harm, but it really freaked us out when we first got her lol because we had never seen anything like it with our other pups.

  3. It is so cute and we get excited to see it lol when we get home. We talk about it beforehand like “I wonder if she’s going to do the face at all of us?”

  4. looks like a submissive smile to me. likely not aggression, but if you're worried I would consult a professional trainer or animal behaviorist

  5. Mean face would come with tense, or even pursed lips. This is appeasement grin. It is the opposite of threatening. This type of expression is the evolutionary origin of the human smile, although they don't mean the same thing any more.

  6. Yeah, I've only heard of them making that face when they've just gotten in trouble. It's supposed to show their submission or something. Kind of like a doggy apology.

  7. One of my dogs makes that face first thing in the morning when he first sees me, it is accompanied by his wiggly dance and it means he’s excited and happy to see me

  8. tbh, it means to me that you've done a great job taking care of your dogs teeth... they look fantastically well brushed... good on ya.

  9. So cute!! My dog does the same thing when I get home from work or when family visits! She gets so excited and shows her pearly whites. I call them the "gnarly snarlies". We are trying to make her do it more on command by telling her "cheese" to make a smile. It's working little by little.

  10. While he seldom shows teeth like this, my dog also has a very noticable "grin", much like people are describing, where the corners of his mouth are pulled as far back as it will go, but he keeps his head down and wags his tail. He also pees submissively.

  11. I remember when my standard poodle had a litter of puppies and visitors gave the puppies all the attention. She started “grinning” when people would pet her - I believe she was just happy to finally get attention.

  12. My golden retriever does this. It’s her smile when she is happy to see us. We love when she does it but haven’t been able to capture it so clearly in a picture.

  13. Our old jack russel also did this we loved it she even had 2 spots behind her ears that would trigger her to smile and then she would sneeze

  14. My puppy does that face after meal times or at my housemate when he gets home from work (often while doing a sort of “cat rub” around our legs.) I used to think he had something stuck in his teeth lol.

  15. My dog does this when my husband comes home because she wants pets. I didnt know what it was before this post though, so thank you!

  16. Maybe it's just me but I've seen more and more dogs display this type of smile! I love it, it's one of my favorite things when dogs smile.

  17. My Golden Doodle does this, especially when we get home from being gone or when he gets out of his crate in the morning. We call them his "toothy grins".

  18. My dog also does this to me and occasionally to my friends. I just tell them it's her smile. It only happens when she's very excited to see us.

  19. That's the happy smile! One of my dogs does it all the time when she greets her people. Scared them at first but now it's just a custom followed by a vicious attack of licks :)

  20. Your inability to recognise a "submissive grin" behaviour and your planned response to it is highly concerning. Please read the sub's wiki articles on

  21. From the picture it's hard to say. It could be appeasement/ submissive grin, but you'd have to see whether she is stiff legged, leaning back, if her ears stay pinned, if her tail is stiff or quickly vibrating, if there's a growl, if she blinks or whale eyes or hard stares, if she licks her lips.. those would indicate a dog saying 'Im super scared, stay the hell away from me, here's my teeth so you know I mean business'. So it needs a little more context

  22. My dog showed his fangs one due to the hair dryer and once at an overeager puppy. Probably depends on the context.

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