Dota 2 Update: New Long-Term Contracts - TUNDRA ESPORTS

  1. I like the optimism but realistically even the best teams have a hard time keeping a roster locked for 3 years with no changes. I'd assume kicking a player at this stage would be super difficult without paying out 3 years worth of salaries? Could put them in a difficult position.

  2. Good news, one of the teams I am most looking forward to watching this DPC season. Hope they keep looking as hot as pre-TI.

  3. This could be both good and bad, like what if the team doesn't 'click' together after a while? Do they just force themselves to work together just because of a contract?

  4. Whats more, they are getting better every day as individuals. They are hungry and all of them grind hard rn. Look at ladderboard, Skiter recalibrated from 11k to 9k mmr time ago and he is back in top 30. Sneyking also top 30 and Nine reached 11k few days ago. Its crazy especially Sneyking, I watched his stream cca month ago and he was like rank 300.

  5. Tundra and Team Spirit are my favorite teams ever. And no, not because the latter won TI, I thought Tundra would have possibly won it if they beat OG in quals. It's because I love their styles.

  6. I remember there was that original VP squad who got signed for either 1 or 2 years as well. I think there are a few other instances.

  7. Chinese contracts were always public iirc, the orgs would buy out contracts and shuffle specific players around. Journeymen like burning and rotk i remember getting detailed contracts

  8. its so risky for the players to do this. if any one of the players loses motivation and drops in skill level or theres a conflict in the team, they are just stuck in a shit team till 2024.

  9. I've been wishing to see a tournamnet body that houses individual franchises for a long time. Not too different from the NFL, NHL, etc.

  10. If they got to TI, I'm pretty sure they would have given the top teams a run for their money and performed way better than overrated teams like Alliance. They were the most innovative team in EU and looked so good in qualifiers.

  11. 2024??? Is it a case of wanting the team of 5 to develop over 3 years or making it harder for other teams to buy out their contracts?

  12. The new OG in my personal opinion, let's go Tundra! Want to see them innovate more hero in different position!

  13. Definitely one of my favorite teams at the moment, and their ability to draft and play heroes in roles you never expect is exactly why. FATA blows my mind with how strong he makes heroes like Gyro and Pango look on pos 5, and he always seems to have a read on some hero that he can flex between core and 5 in every meta. Also Nine can play so many supports in mid and make them look insane.

  14. Did any other pro made WW look as good as Nine did? Those were some terrifying games once he got online. The series vs. OG was great.

  15. Haha sorry, I just used the suggested title that reddit came up with. Not my intention trying to clickbait anyone.

  16. I mean this is good news for all parties involved. I just hope that it doesn't come back to hount them in some way. You could be performing really well and still miss out on a TI spot behind Secret and Liquid or Nigma or the new Alliance/OG (depending on how hot they come in). Could be devastating to fall short repeatedly... I wish them success though.

  17. Depends on the contract, if they get a decent monthly salary this can take a big chunk of stress out of their lives and allow them to properly focus on the game without having to worry what will pay the bills in half a year

  18. To be fair it's just 3 seasons. 2023 would just mean they won't change rosters after the next TI, which isn't that shocking of a commitment

  19. I hate this team for the sole reason their website is horrible. No names of team members in that article so i click on the team link and there are literally only fifa players there. No links anywhere to find who tf is in their dota team.

  20. Easily one of the strongest EU competitors this season. They had a stroke of tough luck last season but hopefully, they can bounce back and show further their potential. Rootin' for ya Tundra and give us some good Dota!

  21. Tundra has improved a lot through the past DPC, if they stay like past summer level for me is the scariest team in EU right now, in the past was Secret but I need to see how the new 2 additions and Nisha to carry again works.

  22. Tundra was playing better than at least half the TI teams by the time TI actually rolled around. Really psyched to see more of them

  23. That's actually unheard of in eSports... To have a +2 year contract for players. Only examples of something similar are with player owned orgs.

  24. It is quite normal for 1-2 franchise players. For example: Maybe used to have 4-5 years contract will LGD. I wont surprise if IG also does the same with emo

  25. Nobody can convince me that giving a 3 year contract to skiter is a good idea. The team is way overrated right now, they are not even close to being a lock for majors. Good for the players tho, securing stability while the hype is on their side.

  26. Great news. Looking at this from a business perspective, it seems that most teams shuffle waaaay too often, as if reshuffling will suddenly make them top. Sometimes the team doesn't click together, but these guys are together long enough to know they have the potential, they just have to fight it out and hope over time they'll reap the benefits.

  27. Good for the players, unfortunate for the franchise as i the usual trend right now is to shuffle shuffle shuffle, even at times per patch

  28. These are very decent players so if a team fails(high chance they do) Other teams will have to pay serious money for buyouts. Win win for everyone

  29. omg that is freaking awesome, I love this roster! Good luck to them, I know they will deliver amazing gameplay

  30. Was bittersweet them not making TI as an OG fan but they impressed me all season and I've always been a huge Fata fan. Glad they're sticking together.

  31. well they were looking great before ti, their chemistry is only going to get better. good for them, good luck in future - probably the team i support now

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