Dry flaky hair, can't find a solution

  1. You may have what I have. seborrhoeic dermatitis. Oil drives my scalp crazy and I always get patches of gross yellow scaled up dandruff. With the exception of jojoba oil and I use it lightly. Here's my recommendation. For a week try no oils. Nothing but rose water if your hair/scalp is feeling dry. Wash your hair with nizoral anti dandruff shampoo at least once a week. (its great and is one of the few anti dandruff shampoos that dont smell like feet) Also try not to have your hair tied up too tight as this makes it worse. Letting your hair hang free is best. If this works you may have it.

  2. I agree somewhat. Id wash once with selsun blue. Stop using oils. And water rinse your hair with warm water and then finish rinsing with cold water whenever you feel like your hair is starting to get dry. Try to do it before it get itchy.

  3. I mean what oils are you using ? It doesn’t sound like good ones if you’re having “yellow” flakes. That means nothing is being absorbed.

  4. When I stopped using oils and leave ins of any kind, my scalp became considerably healthier. I see flakes if I manipulate my hair ( reminds me a bit of Very light dust) but there are no scaly white patches on my scalp like there used to be. I shampoo with Vanicream free and Clear shampoo, which used to be known as simply Free and Clear. I rinse well, then let my hair air dry. I also have a shower filter. I have had SO many product recommendations, and the more I tried, the more inflamed my scalp became. I also tried essential oils, jojoba, argan oil, all kinds of other natural oils, rosewater, etc. ALL of these things irritated my scalp. I hope you figure it out.

  5. Bio-oil I've found is good for the scalp (especially after a deep clean), or teatree. Are the flakes visible when dry? When I deep clean the flakes do sometimes show, just keep the scalp sprayed with water (not too much or you get mould etc)

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