Anything you’d have wanted to say to Jim at this point?

  1. Goodbye, Jim, and good luck. Jim is on a path now, an eternal journey, and I wish him well. But I have a destiny in this realm, specifically in the kitchen.

  2. English isn't my first language and I just don't get what it means. I looked up on the internet and I guess I'm too stupid to understand. Feeling kinda left out so maybe you could explain?

  3. I would tell him: “Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for ANY reason…ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you’ve been, ever, for any reason whatsoever…”

  4. So, fun fact (fun for me). I have this as my signature on my work emails. However, I have it in 1pt font so it looks like a line. For 2 years now not a single person has noticed (or at least said anything). If they try to highlight it, they will notice it's not a solid line. They can then copy/paste it into a word document and enlarge the font size to read it.

  5. There is no such thing as a platonic hotel roommate—don't ever think there is. There is only… sex. Everything is sex. You understand what I'm telling you is a universal truth, Jim.

  6. God, I just interviewed a real life Robert California and I swear to God the interview pretty much went so very similar and I really thought I was about to be talked out of my own job

  7. For those who don’t know the writers actually wrote in Jim cheating but John, who plays as Jim, refused to go through with the scenes and stated Jim would never do that to Pam as the viewers would dislike it so much that they would quit watching the show.

  8. Plus: he and Dwight sharing the room was one of the best parts of the Florida trip. Only Florida Stanley beats it.

  9. Agreed. Jim cheating would’ve been such bad writing. He was after Pam for years and was willing to give up a corporate job, and a perfectly good relationship with Karen in order to get Pam.

  10. My favorite part? Jim had no idea he was being filmed and STILL didn't sneak a peek. That's some iron-will right there. And it also shows that he is a good guy. Apologies to the army of y'all in this sub that hate him.

  11. The later seasons are inconsistent with their approach to the cameras. This scene starts off filming from outside, giving the impression that it's candid footage, then later in the same series of events, there are cameras in the room? Enough to make multiple angle cuts (which is an annoyance I have with the show from series 4 onwards).

  12. Cathy gets well deserved hate, but can we take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous Lindsay Broad who very effectively played such a skeevy character?

  13. That's one of my favorite Jim/Dwight moments. Bromance scene disguised as a potential romance scene. Jim and Dwight are really good together. I wish we got to see more of them like this/like when they went on that sales call together.

  14. uhh i dont feel this way abt her but i'm sure that Lindsey, at many many points in her time since playing Cathy, got a lot of hate for her role in the office. I think she once posted about her dog passing away and she had comments cursing her out for Cathy

  15. God as an Office fan I can’t believe it took me so long to join this sub. All of your comments are too good 🤣

  16. It’s unbelievable that the writers where going to write that Jim cheats on Pam with Kathy. Thankfully John Krasinski talked them out of it

  17. She would have known she could get Jim to do anything she wanted. Jim would forever be at her mercy. At least until she cheats on him because she never respected him for cheating on Pam.

  18. “Is it easier to not cheat on your wife when a documentary film crew is sitting in the room with you recording it?”

  19. I think he should have been more aggressive with her in saying that he wasn’t interested and called her out on her shit when she said she wasn’t doing that

  20. I’m seeing a lot of these comments, which I think are a little unfair to Jim. Jim is the "normal" guy in the office. He hates confrontation and gets flustered in those kinds of situations, as he’s demonstrated several times throughout the show. He knows Cathy is being inappropriate, but she is also assuring him that she isn’t, and she is also a coworker who he will have to deal with in the future. As satisfying as some big dramatic GTFO moment might have been, that would not really be true to his character or the show, which was primarily about normal people reacting to abnormal people and situations. Granted he ends up dealing with it in a very silly way, but it’s arguably truer to the character

  21. Maybe I’d remind him that it’s not that weird considering he spent years hitting on and kissing an engaged woman behind her fiancés back

  22. just start farting your ass of here jim. be the biggest tool; say the most controversial shit. dont do anything fireable, but just be the worst jim thats ever jimmed.

  23. It kinda reminds me of that scene from friends when Rachel’s dad had a stroke and she tried to have sex with Ross and he refused, then when he left the room he said “ I haven’t had sex in 6 months, I deserve a medal for that”

  24. Ain't nothing you got to say to him. That facial expression he's making indicates that he finds Cathy's actions to be cringe-inducing. He's embarrassed for her. Most guys intuitively understand that a fish that won't stop throwing itself into your boat or putting your hook in its mouth is probably mentally unwell. Jim gets off on taking fish off of other fishermen's hooks.

  25. “Not only is she banging, but she will move with you to Philly and help you start your sports marketing business”

  26. I don't know, he handled it about as well as my wimpy ass would have. I'm really bad at confrontation, especially with gaslighting little twerps like her lol

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