Who's the hottest male character of The Office?

  1. It’s definitely between Cordray and Charles miner, depending on taste. Neither of them being on this list is a travesty. Shame on you, OP.

  2. Not sure if you’re joking or not, but both plop and the Alan thicke dude are good looking, come on. Danny Cordray, Charles and Ravi are in their own league though

  3. It's a mix of being genuinely good looking, but also being a good person and just exceedingly competent. No one is going to see a David Wallace and just nope out of the room; he's a safe choice.

  4. I've never met Ravi personally, but I'm gonna go ahead and say, just having knowing you a short while, Brian, that I prefer Ravi. And again, I've never even met the guy.

  5. I was going to complain that Robert California was not on the list, and then I realized the question is who's the hottest, not would you do him.

  6. Sex with Robert California would be something to remember. Might be awesome, might be terrible, but it would definitely be memorable, I have no doubt.

  7. Robert California is still one of my absolute favorite characters from television hands down. He's so uniquely charming and creepy at the same time. You're both afraid and in awe of him, but also desperately want him to make love to you, regardless of your orientation or gender. He's just that magnetic.

  8. You aren't wrong. I am an old lady and I don't even like pretty boys, and he's kind of a pretty boy, and I'd still absolutely do him LOL

  9. The thing I've always thought about John Krasinski is that he is of course rather handsome but he always looks to me like the brother of another actor who would be even a more handsome man. I mean kind of like how Chris Hemsworth is more handsome than his brother so it's like there's another Krasinski out there who's like a more perfected version of John

  10. I was just thinking it's so funny how no one is mentioning Jim! It's because he's just so blah. I mean he's cute, but he's more of a settling down kind of dude, not a pure sexual chemistry kind of dude.

  11. Right?! And what about Ravi?? He was gorgeous. Idris Elba's character, Ravi, and Timothy Olyphant's character were the hottest.

  12. Seriously! I know I’m going to get downvoted for this but I don’t even recognize the last two guys in this collage. I demand Charles Miner and David Wallace to take their place!

  13. Of all the characters you could have picked for your image, it's interesting you picked conventionally attractive white men when the obvious answer is Charles.

  14. Apparently only white people can be hot? Cause the obvious answer is Idris Elba…. And what about Daryl? Like wtf?

  15. Tell me you’re a little bit racist without telling me you’re a little bit racist…. This list is all white guys and left off several very attractive people of color.

  16. Came in expecting to see all the "Where's Charles Minor and Danny Codray?" comments, but I was not prepared to see so many David Wallaces in here

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