laughing on the outside / (?) on the inside

  1. there is no personality that doesn't absolutely feel darkness at all. in fact ENFPs hide so much of their darkness that it becomes so dark in their inner world. my ENFP sister seems very fine from the outside but, she admits to be depressed and hides it with humor. like all personality types, this is what we all usually do

  2. A lot of the time I feel empty on the inside, especially when alone. When I’m around people I think I tend to overcompensate and try to hide this feeling with humor, chaotic energy, etc.

  3. No, but I'm also old (50). I don't wear a mask; my face and tone of voice reflect how I'm feeling. I don't full-on talk about whatever I'm struggling with with friends/family/colleagues, but if asked how I'm doing, I tell the truth, "I'm feeling stressed or isolated or frustrated...."

  4. I’m an enfp with depression so yes, smiles & optimism on the outside, dark & twisty on the inside. Working on it tho.

  5. I've been thinking of being depressed myself. If it's not triggering, may i ask something about enfp & depression?

  6. I'm not an optimist, more of a realist really... But I usually switch between being quiet and being loud whenever I'm with people AHAHHA

  7. I can relate. Sometimes when I am alone I may feel like my life is crumbling but a minute later I make a pun out of these crumbles, then giggle and cry again.

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