Why are chicken thighs generally frowned upon?

  1. At least in my experience, it seems it’s the fat in the thighs that’s missing from chicken breasts that makes them taste better. I have a mustard chicken thigh recipe that I make all the time and it is really delicious. I hardly ever use chicken breasts now.

  2. Yeah my girlfriend from India will not make a curry with breasts. I thought it was weird then I tried it... Holy shit

  3. My girlfriend only would cook breast meat and complain it's so easy to overcook. I buy thighs and she commented how dinner tasted better. She still prefers breast meat but I think she is coming around. I think a lot of people think breast meat is the best for unknown reasons to me.

  4. I came to comment just this! Try to incorporate some leg meat also. I cut off the bottom part of the leg and OMFG it changed the curry game

  5. This also works for Thanksgiving turkeys. Roast it upside down, instead of breast up. It may not look as pretty, but you’ll thank me when you taste it!

  6. I accidently discovered this when putting a chicken in the oven while hungover. I put it breast side down first and flipped it over half way. The breast ended up still juicy and the thighs weren't too greasy. My ex-flatmate now does it the same way.

  7. I have been roasting birds breast side down since the ‘90’s and people always look at me so weird…but I’ve never cooked a dry bird. I even put it in my cookbook Cooking With Coconut Oil years ago too.

  8. Spatchcock is my preference. Helps it all cook at the same time. Thighs and legs get to 180 to render fat right as breast hit 160 and carry over cook during rest.

  9. I moved to vietnam 10 years ago and its opposite here. People don't like breasts because they lack flavor without the bone. And as such, breasts are cheaper than thighs or wings.

  10. wow, what a great tip, might have to try roasting a turkey upside down. Hhhmmmmm, wonder if such an opportunity will arise sometime soon.

  11. So my favorite meal is a whole chicken spatchcock, will baking it upside down work? I’m a thigh girl and usually I just give the breast to my dog because well I like the juicy dark meat.

  12. Chicken (and turkey) breast meat tends to taste dry and tough when cooked a long time, as in soups and stews (curries, chile con carne, etc). Legs and thighs are much better for these types of preparations.

  13. There's definitely a component of blind aversion due to health misconceptions, but a lot of it is down to practical considerations too.

  14. Probably most commonly used because of picky eaters. I have watched people pick apart their meat if it isn't a breast. Texture or consistency maybe? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. This is it for me, I’m not a picky eater at all but one thing that gets me is fatty meat lol. Chicken thighs are just so much oilier and I always find little slimy pockets of fat that I cut away so breasts are just a lot less work for me. Or I can cook the hell out of them on the bbq but it takes ages to cook all the fat off, so breasts are just quicker, easier, and I prefer the taste.

  16. For me it is a texture and taste thing, just depending on how it’s cooked/the type of dish. I really can’t even explain it, but roasted in the oven is gross and slimy but grilled or in curry is fine.

  17. I don't think I'd traditionally be called a "picky eater" but one of the few things I can't handle is dark meat.

  18. I get paranoid that everyone will catch on one day and the price will go way up. It's my go to meat when feeding a crowd. With rice and a vegetable I'll feed 8 people for $20.

  19. Lol, i live in an Asian country where chicken breasts are the cheapest cut 🤣 wings and feet are the most expensive, which is okay by me.

  20. Already the case in my area, chicken thighs and breasts are about the same price per lb. Or worse, earlier this week thighs were actually $0.40 more a lb.

  21. Right?! Delete this thread OP! My grocery trips are expensive enough I don't need a Buzzfeed article "Have you heard of Chicken Thighs and why they're cheaper and better for you?"

  22. It's happened around my area, they're actually more expensive than breast meat sometime. I need a Men in Black flashy thing to use on my city.

  23. Are they frowned upon? Most recipes I see call for them over breasts. I agree though, they're great.

  24. Yeah, I feel like if you’re at all in tune with ~food discourse~ or whatever, everyone is constantly singing the praises of thighs nowadays. (I actually prefer breast meat but I get why some don’t)

  25. I don't really "frown upon" them; I appreciate how they're inexpensive compared to chicken breast and I can appreciate their applications. I don't like the greasy taste or texture, personally. I've tried cooking them over-time and in a number of dishes, but I couldn't convert. I guess I just like the taste and texture of chicken breast more. All that said, I don't think there's an objective "best" answer to this; tastes are so personal after all.

  26. My wife’s family won’t eat dark meat. I’m not sure where the sentiment comes from but to them it’s literally garbage. My first thanksgiving with them they acted like I was a lunatic for eating leg and thigh meat. They offered to send it home with me because they were just going to throw it away which I gladly accepted.

  27. No idea. I love em. Aldis always has them super cheap. Many people dont like darker meat. more for us Edit: Yes it's Aldi, not Aldis, pointing this out doesn't make you clever, it makes you annoying.

  28. Some people, like my ex, prefer the far lighter flavor of breast meat. They think thigh meat is too gamy. Personally I’m with you, I prefer the richer flavor and texture of thigh meat.

  29. So many cuts of beef have fallen victim to this. I see tri-trip, skirt, flat iron, etc… for 9.99lb or more sometimes. Even chuck-eye is shooting up.

  30. We never ate chicken thighs when I was growing up. My mom only ever cooked chicken legs or cornish hens (it was just she and I). I never gave it any thought. I just thought the legs were cheaper.

  31. They take longer to prepare in my opinion, I'm really sensitive to meat textures and stuff like fat and connective tissue make me gag. If I don't take the time to cut off all of it then it ruins my meal. Chicken breast doesn't have that issue.

  32. Everyone else's replies that "there's no reason" surprised me. Because this is why I don't eat it much and many others agree. I can't stand running into the tissues and fat if they've not been sufficiently removed.

  33. Same for me. The flavor and texture of dark meat is off-putting. I only eat breast meat (chicken and turkey) because they don’t have that slimy feel and weird metallic taste. I can’t eat duck or goose for this reason.

  34. I'm a very texture based eater, and I thought I hated chicken for years due to my mom using thighs as the main cut. the consistent texture of a chicken breast encourages me to stick to white meat, but a cut of dark meat that doesn't have as many pockets of fat or tendon have quite the lovely flavor, if only it was guaranteed to be like that like breast meat does.

  35. Thank you YES, this is it. Breast meat is nice and consistent, just a tiny bit of fat at the edges and that one spot with a tendon at the top of the muscle. Thighs have all kinds of bits in.

  36. Same. I can't even deal with turkey/chicken leftovers- someone else has to pack the dark meat away. I gag. It's the only "gross" thing that bothers me like that.

  37. I'm the same way. I can't stand the taste / feel of the skin, tissues and fat. will keep paying extra to not have to deal with it. Even when I get a rotisserie chicken, I have to be really careful to get rid of it all before trying to eat it.

  38. Chicken breasts are cheaper where I live. I can’t justify playing the extra for thighs 🤷🏻‍♀️ bone in ones are cheaper, but then I’m paying for bone (which I can’t eat) when every $ counts.

  39. Breasts very expensive here in Canada as well if fresh (I buy frozen 4kg boxes and even those are close to 50.00) and even chicken thighs are MORE expensive than than breasts in most cases especially if deboned and skinned.

  40. Chicken breasts have about a third of the fat and a little more protein. But, on a budget, sometimes you have to make due. It's fine to like thighs more than the breast, it's really up to you.

  41. I think there’s a sentiment that fat=bad in the western culture. In Asian culture (at least me being a Malaysian), chicken thighs are more sought after since it has a higher fat content and “smooth meat texture”. Personally, chicken thigh is better for reheating since it is less likely to be over cooked. Chicken breast gets a bit rubbery and dry when I reheat it.

  42. Because for the last 4 decades everyone were supposed to eat as little fat as possible. (A failed experiment by the way:

  43. I suspect it's related to outdated diet trends of the 80's when low fat was king. White meat was deemed the healthiest. Thing is, that ideology has shifted where fat is no longer seen as such a bad thing in a healthy diet. The thought that the breast is the beast meat remains but in reality dark meat has so much more flavor and is less expensive to buy because it's still considered second rate.

  44. Idk if this is generally a white ppl thing or what, but my mom REFUSES to ever use chicken thighs bc theyre "too fatty" and it's like no wonder I hate chicken all I ate as a kid was extremely dried out breasts

  45. They are not generally frowned upon...you have been misinformed, or put too much stock in a dubious source.

  46. This is a culinary hill I am willing to die on. I NEVER buy breasts. I love the thighs and there are a thousand ways to make them.

  47. Cultural hold over from the 80s when fat was demonized as the source of all obesity. fattier cuts of meat were seen as lower quality and lean meats were considered the healthy source of protein. That was just the carbohydrate industry lying to us though.

  48. Breasts have less fat, so it hits for both people who either believe the fat makes you fat (not exactly accurate) and the people who are trying to reduce their intake of saturated fat. Having less fat, it's also lower in calories for those who are tracking. Unfortunately, people tend to view things as very black and white, so folks look at any one of those reasons breasts may work better for a person and decide that breasts are healthier as opposed to more suitable for SOME situations.

  49. I was like 20 when I had my first thigh. That was daddy’s piece of chicken and you didn’t eat his chicken. After that first thigh I understood why.

  50. In California boneless, skinless chicken thighs are no cheaper than skinless chicken breast - in fact, they are often more expensive. Is everyone buying bone-in, skin on; or what?

  51. If done right they’re fine. Personally I can’t stand them anymore because my dad has made bbq chicken thighs for years now and he can’t cook very well anymore since losing his sense of taste a long time ago. And he’ll bring us like 10lb of it because he always cooks way too much. Now we can’t even really trust his cooking because he’s starting to lose his mind somewhat so most of the chicken thighs either go to the dog (sans bones) or to the raccoons…

  52. Honestly it’s a cultural thing. Europeans prefer to cook w breasts, but Indians and South East Asians almost always prefer to cook thighs.

  53. I put them in the crock pot with cream of mushroom then put that over rice. Thighs work better than breasts with that since they have some fat.

  54. New Zealand seems to have caught onto the fact that chicken thighs taste better because they’re not at all cheap here, sometimes more expensive than chicken breast.

  55. For me it’s the texture. If it’s properly trimmed I can eat it but if I get a single noticeable piece of fat my entire meal is ruined, appetite gone. Gotta love sensory issues

  56. Seriously. Breasts are great if you roast them bone in and skin on, but thighs are king because they simply cannot be overcooked. I also like to roast a bunch of drumsticks as well. I make a “shake and bake” of spices in a gallon bag and toss the drums in, coat them in the spice mixture and roast them at 425F for 30 minutes or so. Excellent and easy and cheap af!

  57. I prefer thighs and love giving them a couple minutes on either side on a hot cast iron then tossing it into the oven. Gets the skin very crisp/almost charred while cooking the meat throughout (which stays insanely tender). People don’t realize that more fat is better tasting. I get so many compliments when I make burgers and the secret is that I use 20%fat 80%lean (and plenty of vitamin MSG in the seasoning)

  58. Not sure who frowns upon them. They are actually the best part of the bird. If you Google Chicken thigh recipes, you will find an endless amount.

  59. I don't know why in the states is like that,here in Colombia we use the while chicken, and personally I love the chicken tights over the breast .

  60. I expect it due to the higher fat and general preference for white meat. And you have to work a little harder around the joint which reminds a person they are eating an animal which unsettles folks. I’m on your side. I love a well cooked thigh. One friend roasted them on a bed of red grapes and sprigs of rosemary plus…(there’s a full recipe out there) and they were so delicious!

  61. They are higher in fat. I think that's why they are frowned upon. I often cook with thighs. Bone-in skin-on are so delicious for certain meals!

  62. HUSH! Those of us in the know will have to pay more when everyone finds out. You see what happened to chicken wings.

  63. Who frowns on chicken thighs? I have never heard of them being disliked. I just googled, "Best piece of chicken" and thighs filled the front page.

  64. This reminds me of when I used to work in the deli department at the grocery store, and we'd cook fried chicken everyday-- we'd sell the 8 piece, which is all the pieces of the chicken. People would come look at them and then ask if I had any of the 8 piece fried chicken....so I'd show them at what they literally just looked at, and they would go "yeah but that has dark meat and I don't like dark meat it's nasty" or they would ask if I could switch the dark meat for white meat only???

  65. Personally, I am just grossed out by bones and tendons so I skip wings and thighs, and get breasts or ground. Price wise I will probably have to drop chicken altogether soon.

  66. My former doctor said thighs and drumsticks are dark meat which is unhealthy for those with diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and gallstones. I read white meat and dark meat don’t have much difference. The meat is dark simply due to its high concentration of a protein called myoglobin. This is a transporter for oxygen, meaning it brings oxygen to muscle cells in order to give them energy to do work.

  67. I think because a lot of people like the lean meat, and when they hear dark meat they instantly think of dark colored, fatty, difficult to digest meat. I've only ever had thighs that look white like breast meat, but I've also mostly preferred lean breast meat. To me it's just an idea you're brought up on.

  68. Bs health craze pointing out the 5.5% more fat in thighs or some nonesense. Thighs are as healthy as pork tenderloin at WORST. It is completely negligible for active people

  69. My theory is that many people cook the thighs based on food safety. That gives you thighs that are safe to eat but have a weird texture.

  70. I just prefer the breasts over thighs honestly. Not saying I won't eat thighs if given or it's the only thing.

  71. They are?? I absolutely LOVE chicken thighs, it's one of the staple meats in our house. I never even buy chicken breasts because the dark meat is better.

  72. I’ve never frowned at a thigh, especially a chicken thigh. I just hope they stay cheaper than the rest - so everyone else can feel free to frown away.

  73. Knowing a lot of folks who don't like dark meat, I can say that it typically comes down to a texture thing. The dark meat is too moist, or slimy as some would describe it, and has more irregularities in the texture, where as white meat is fairly uniform and drier.

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