what's your favourite Jack Michaels one liner?

  1. I was watching the game a little while ago, it was the 1 year anniversary and he’s like “That was the day mcDavid turned me into an adolescent, my voice hasn’t cracked for years.”

  2. Recently, been a big fan of his SpecSavers ad reads, but hockey-wise, can’t go wrong with “pulsating.” “Jitterbugs” is a classic too.

  3. I’m just here to say I hope he’s our pxp guy for decades to come. He’s top 5 in the world at calling games.

  4. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE PLEASURE WAS ALL MINE”….”THIS IS THE BATTLE OF ALBERTA”… anything Jack Michaels says with enthusiasm will get the goosebumps going. He really the goat commentator.

  5. My favourite was a few weeks back against Nashville, and the camera pans to Ekholm who is bickering with the ref about something, and right before we hit commercial Jack goes: "we'll be right back with Rogers Oilers hockey, and that man is NOT HAPPY!"

  6. There’s so many that I love but the one that just gets me is whenever he slides in the word “clavicle”. Goalie takes a shot in the shoulder? “Right off the clavicle” Guy gets crumbled into the boards? “Watch the clavicle”

  7. It makes me laugh and sometimes cringe when he starts talking about Louie’s body or his workout routine. Man has a serious bro crush on Debrusk.

  8. He had a great one that was wasted during the preseason imo. McDavid was skating towards an empty netter and Jack said "Here comes McDavid. The net is empty. Now it isn't."

  9. Jack covered a game years ago when Luke gazdic was on the team. After a good scrap he was talking about how tough gazdic was - “it’s helps that he’s got skin like leather. He doesn’t need to use shaving cream, I’m not even sure he uses water!”

  10. Not really a one liner, but there was one game he knew a random stat from memory and said, “I’m like the old blind squirrel.. every once and awhile I find an acorn.” Haha

  11. That iconic call when McJesus slayed the evil Calgary in OOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRR time will perhaps never be topped

  12. Just upvoting every comment. He is amazing at his job. I wish he would get the playoffs as well. He makes regular season games feel like they are playoff games.

  13. Can't remember who we were playing or what the score was, but it was earlier in the season, and we were blowing them out. As it was cutting to commercial break the camera focused on the other team's goaltender and Jack is like "The Oilers lead by a score of 5-2, and THAT MAN isn't very happy." Literally had me in tears. Fucking love Jack

  14. Just the other day after McDavid scored his Hattie, he said something like "not many hats on ice but they'll certainly have some equipment to pick up"

  15. I like his little adjectives for puck moving: "hurdled down the ice" "knifed out from the boards" "sifted to the corner"

  16. When he's on Ched doesn't he do like a growly sounding "Oilers" when they go to commercial break? Love that.

  17. How has no one mention the phrase "chisels it up the left hand boards"? I have never heard anyone use that before.

  18. I laughed yesterday when he was talking about late games and how he and Louis had been “pounding Jolt cola and Sour Patch Kids, getting ready to call tonight’s match up”.

  19. I have ived out of market most of my adult life and due to time differences have had to usually listen online; i am so happy that cam moon is starting to take over the calls.

  20. Honestly the wrestling announcer vibes is what makes it for me. Hockey is exciting af and having a play by play guy that excited makes it even better

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