This totally-a-nord guy is the most cursed thing I've had in my game *so far*...

  1. As a sidenote his grandson's grandson, still an ashlander, took over after him. He styled himself as the "Snowkhan" of Winterhold though, which, aside from being totally rad, is also something I can totally see a 13-year old, wheter man or mer, do.

  2. Why is it that i who proclaim Morrowind as my most favorite game just NOW see that Ashkhan just is the title of Khan slaped onto the ashy wastes of Vvardenfell...

  3. I love the differentiation of titles based on location. Fuck. Wonder what they’d be in Valenwood or the Summerset Isles. 🤔

  4. I married a dark elf as emperor of cyrodiil because she had genius and aetheric and my heirs all had fully human features and dark skin. Now the long lived traits are just sprinkled throughout my dynasty and some kingdoms of the empire are still ruled by the purple skinned heartlanders

  5. In my playthrough as an orc I ended up marrying a reachman and all of my kids were pretty much white orcs. If I hadn't felt like I hit a wall (couldn't realistically expand in any direction, stuck waiting to become autocratic or whatever the new name for fuedalism is) and just make my kingdom full of orc that looked nothing like orcs

  6. This is historically accurate, what with Pelagius III marrying Katariah. Did your dunmeri wife become the new ruler of the empire after your death?

  7. I conquered High Rock as a Redguard and married a wandering Altermi woman in one generation, and in another generation I married a daughter of Mannicaro, this resulted in half my descendants being abominations, 3/10th being this elegant & incredibly striking union of Redguard and Altmeri features, and like 2/10th are just straight up LOTR elves. Also a few of aforementioned abomination looked like a Na'vi(with even bigger eyes) which was weirdly enthralling.

  8. How on earth did he live to 308? Whenever I play Kaid-Arbul he always dies in his early 200s. Guess the weather in Winterhold preserved him a bit better than in the Ashlands.

  9. Reminds me how in my current game Falcrenth had a orc ruler, I checked their religion and that entire area is worshipping Malacath.

  10. I think that’s just the starting leader for the region. He’s a bit of a beast and can found Orsinium easily.

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