Think about to come back. What exactly works Odyssey with Horizons?

  1. You can go back and forth at will. The main thing is that Horizons and Odyssey players can't instance together.

  2. You have Horizons 4.0, its Odyssey without onfoot and atmospheric landing, but the new ui, lights, storyline, events and lack of fps. Try it.

  3. What does Horizons 4.0 mean? Is this the newest update of the "old" Horizons or is it Odyssey with the decision not to play the FPS part?

  4. Odyssey doesn't have geo or bio sites, so you lose those. Make sure you stock up on raws in Horizons at the shard sites. You can always switch back, it's just annoying and if the game is going to flip the hell out and screw up your account it's probably going to be when you are switching modes.

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