Bring it on freya, bera Elizabeth etc.. only did a 10x and got this beast.

  1. I haven't max her yet all the way but it's pretty amazing how much it hits on that level... I can't wait until it's fully max with emblems and break limit

  2. Honestly I'll go offensively path, it's lethal against Elizabeth and all other mininions heroes.. combine with any increase of power or the down defense of the other team.. could be just one shot taken down instantly.

  3. Go offensive. You are also going to be destroying Mother North, Krampus, Glenda, Uraeus etc. It also works on Costume Kadilen too.

  4. It sucks... when you got one of the best heroes.. and then empire puzzles comes out with the anti hero for that best heroes.. RIP BERA like it happened to telluria but different paths.

  5. Well it hits more to a fiend or minion summoner but the decrease of healing affects everyone, itst just more effective against bera o freya and Elizabeth.

  6. It's ridiculous - first they've created hype on Elizabeth, Bera etc type of heroes (and many ppl spent thousands to get and max them) and now they have introduced a nuclear weapon against them. I'd feel like kicked in the balls if I was a high spender. But, well, lucky f2p owning them and working hard on levelling up could also feel mistreated.

  7. So would her ability count towards only heroes who could summon as abilities or people who could just summon minions and fiends?

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