Link Building: The Truth About Business Growth And How You Can Use It To Grow Your Business.

  1. Yeah thanks for taking the time. I follow similar tips when building links for my fathers business and they all worked. Gained a lot of ground on competitors which was awesome. I did get a few links from the same sites, like you said.

  2. Thank you. Personally, I wouldn't add two or more links to the same website in the same article for link building purposes. I can see how it could be done well though. If you are going to do it, make sure the article is nice and long, and there are plenty of other links in the article (both internal and external). You don't want there being only 2 links in the article...both to your site. Keep it natural as possible. Appreciate the kind comment too.

  3. Yeah that’s a fair point actually. I guess it’s written at a level for people who already understand that initial process. It was written for both link builders and business owners. Perhaps I should have addressed just one or the other.

  4. Say thanks and move on. This guy dropped the single most important tip and many others for an effective outcome, for free. There is plenty of actionable information in here. The title doesn’t say “follow these steps 1-10 to start building links”.

  5. You've given some epic information away for free here. Thank you! I've grown a business using some of these tips...I always hoped my competitors wouldn't find out now I guess they all know! Some new stuff for me too.

  6. They’ve probably always known 🤣 it’s just hard to do right isn’t it. Glad you’ve done well, and glad you got something out of the article too!

  7. Yes agreed. Top four is Google ads usually. It depends on demographic too. Younger seem to avoid ad and go for first organic, older seem to click top result.

  8. I've got a link builder and she seems to be focusing on PBN style links. Big budget too. I'll have a word with her now. She's doing it wrong it would seem.

  9. Can’t comment on it without seeing it but yes, if they’re using exclusively PBN links it’s probably not being done in the right way and not giving your business the growth you’re paying for.

  10. So helpful, nice long read in the morning! I've been thinking about hiring a local SEO co. I'll have better and more rounded Q's to ask now.

  11. I’ve purchased some defunct competitor’s domains and 301 redirected them to my site. It has really helped in the long run. Took about 6 months to take affect though.

  12. Yeah that’s a great shout. It does work. However, if the domains you’re buying have atrocious links and you forward it to your site it could do damage. Something worth checking before you buy/301. Sounds good in your case though, glad it worked out for you 👍🏻

  13. Good point about not focusing on DA. A link that’s more relevant to your business is more important than one with simply a high DA that isn’t relevant.

  14. Thanks for the great information! I’m a web developer by trade and I have no idea what you are saying! Would you recommend anything for a beginner? I’m ok with understanding the technical aspects but the actual thought process I’m stumbling on or the plan of attack. I feel like I could learn it but most of the time I just see pages about these are the things you shouldn’t do in seo

  15. Very intriguing post. These link-building strategies work well for me in promoting my website. However, I've seen that Google has recently given backlinks less weight. How do you feel? Do you notice any changes?

  16. Hey, thanks. Yeah they’ve made some lose less weight like spammy websites or news websites. But done properly they work just as well as before :).

  17. Crazy you wrote this as I am in the middle of an issue with a client. 3 marketing directors in 2.5 years plus the owner. Very little if any top down direction. Despite this them page 1 for a competitive keyword that yields big money against websites like hubspot and gartner with a ~30 point domain authority deficit. New director of marketing comes in - calls my links “bad”. Ask them “what is a bad link” surprise surprise they can’t explain. Has completely eroded any enthusiasm I have. Good write up. There are some “generalities” in here that I may not necessarily agree with but either way you have provided a lot of value for novices and every butthole has an opinion. +1 from me.

  18. Yeah there’s a lot of false info and fear-mongering around links. Hope it gets better for you soon mate. Sounds like you’re one of the good ones.

  19. Very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to put this in. I do agree...if done right; it's so powerful for growth.

  20. Yeah, it’s very nifty for online growth. It’s a core part of most businesses marketing efforts nowadays I’ve found. Just have to do it right! Hope your efforts have been fruitful!

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