Christmas is around the corner

  1. Do some research on Google. I'm sure there's ways to look at top selling Amazon products by month as well. You can also do some keyword research for that time of year.

  2. Thanks. We are starting to do more research now. The reason we thought of candles is we make balms and we can use the same equipment, just different formulas for the candles. This helps us keep the overhead down while we can turn out some pretty good volumes. Thanks again.

  3. This is way outside my area (I am a B2B guy) but was reading your post and had this idea for decorative candles that were shaped, painted, etc., to make up the pieces of an 1800's Christmas Village. They do this in ceramics, wood, and other mediums, but scented candles that you display for the season and perhaps burn off one by one during the holidays, might be attractive to some. I believe that in recessions, people go back to safe, nostalgic things and this could be that.

  4. It's an interesting idea. The biggest challenge would be to have the molds made. And yes you're right, recessions drive people back to more holsum things.

  5. Scrap the whole niche and outreach to local farmers market vendors. Offer them a couple samples and offer them a discount.

  6. I think B2B are inherently like MLM. You produce the goods and sell them to businesses who go on to market the product and make the sale. They receive a profit for their work while you also receive a profit from their purchase. I don't think what OP is suggesting is like the MLMs most people think of.

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