22 content creators will race each other in actual F4 cars at Le Mans

  1. According to the article the competitors are going to be doing a training course prior to this so hopefully it doesn't take a dangerous turn.

  2. Is there a list of drivers? Ah they are all from the french scene so i won't know any of them anyway. Was hoping for the Jimmer to make an appearence.

  3. If I'm reading the article right it was all people with zero real-world racing experience, which pretty much eliminates the top English-speaking Youtubers, who have all dipped their toes into the real stuff at this point.

  4. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link the tweet on here, but Squeezie (The organiser) released a short trailer featuring all drivers participating, it's his pinned tweet. xSqueeZie on Twitter

  5. I would like to watch a racing series with my favourite musicians or authors but I guess thats not the content they refer to

  6. An F4 car down the Mulsanne Straight will feel pretty slow I'd imagine. It's going to take them a couple of minutes to get from one end of the straight to the other, never mind the rest of the course.

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