Who do you believe NOW?

  1. Well think about this. This IS the first Time in history that ALL coverments are pushing The same agenda together. And that IS a warning sign to me. If people in charge really cared for The world why is there hunger and poverty?

  2. Yeah the Haitian pres was against the vaccines and Biden even said they'd get him out of the way to reporters and he got assassinated weeks later smh wtf is happening

  3. Bible prophecy experts have been talking about this for years. I remember I would watch "Jack Van Impe" ministries with my Grandpa about the "coming new world order" 20 years ago.

  4. The herd of sheeple will still choose to believe that the one person who didn’t wear a mask one time in a grocery store, or get 15 booster shots, is the sole cause of all of this, and they will continue to persecute that person more and more. They won’t stop and take a look at the truth of what’s happening around them until it’s 100% forced compliance at all times. Then they’ll finally realize how wrong they were the whole time when it all doesn’t work even with 100% compliance.

  5. You know how humans tends to blame someone else for their frustrations? I believe that's how we ended sacrificing virgins and burning witches.

  6. COVID ‘happened’ right when the Hong Kong riots got out of control. If you think the COVID drama is about who is for or against science, it’s not. It’s about a government who tried to suppress freedom but was too stupid to contain their little experiment. Everyone is worried about government responses to this disease…but all have forgotten the government who spread this disease. To quote John Stewart: China assho

  7. Glad I found this thread I'm shocked that these comments haven't need censored cause it's the truth 100%. Screw the pharma industry, the corrupt and spineless government and the people that won't listen to irrefutable evidence that they are being played, nevermind terrible and sometimes fatal sure effects of the "vaccine" . We will be in rhe right side of history and I will fight them until my last breath! Stay free! We are not alone. That's just what they want us to believe.

  8. Those who complied will be the first ones on the trains. And before I forget, F U to all the sheep that has complied and is still believing all this Covid bullshit.

  9. They still believe the government, even though everything the “conspiracy theorists™️” said would happen has come to pass, almost word for word

  10. The experts, who the fuck would think a few covid mandates would suddenly cause the world to start turning into the end of someone’s HOI4 playthrough.

  11. An infowarrior fighting against fake news😂😂😂😂, when infowars is the very definition of fake news 😂😂😂😂.

  12. We can say that lockdowns, censorship (?!?), masks, and vaccinations have failed only after we ACTUALLY try those things.

  13. On the smallest fringe but you know itll be used to discredit anyone skeptical of mandates and passports. (That where said to never be coming)

  14. You’re just repeating what all the Godless, faithless hypocrites say. “Trust the science” lol. How anyone could believe anything these tyrants say is beyond me. Things will never go back to normal. No matter how many people are vaccinated. This is your life now. And the only person to blame is you. You stood silent and let them take your freedoms. And now you bash anyone brave enough to stand against them. You’re a real hero. /s

  15. If everyone actually complied with lockdowns/masks/vaccinations then life would have returned to normal. But half the country decided to listen to Facebook and Joe Rogan instead of doctors and scientists.

  16. Except that the true experts who are not taking money from Big Pharma have said "Dude, fuck off, that is not true in the goddamned slightest!"

  17. There is zero logical possibility for this to have ever, if for it to ever, occur. Logic has gone completely out the window since day one of covid. This was never going to end the way they claimed it would because all rules were illogical

  18. Things are literally close to being to normal there aren’t lockdowns there aren’t mask mandates just vaccine mandates where vaccine mandates have already been common place in the states

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