We're shooting next week and we're looking for an old Indoor / Outdoor Basketball Court in LA! Can you help?

  1. Have you looked on giggster? From a quick search I’ve seen as low as $75/hour with 5 hour minimum. You should expect to pay for a site rep for the day. My advice would be to reach out to schools directly and explain your budget. You can always risk shooting at a public court. Depending on how you are filming the scene, you could frame out pedestrians or keep them out of focus.

  2. FYI you are still required to get a permit from FilmLA. If you don't have the right permits and something happens, your insurance can refuse to cover the incident.

  3. I would look slightly outside of LA. Anywhere within the city is going to charge a lot and probably require a permit. Look for somewhere in San Bernandino or Riverside County.

  4. Just watched a game at the Valencia High School “old” gym. Old and creaky looking. It’s in Placentia in Orange County. I don’t know what they would think about someone filming there.

  5. We shot a segment when I was at yahoo at the JEM Community Center in Beverly Hills. I don’t even think they charged us a location fee, we might have traded out for a quick shot of the exterior. If they did charge us a fee, we never paid more that $250. Give them a try

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