Catfish on a buzzbait?

  1. Don’t think I’ve ever got one on a buzzbait but I’ve caught a bunch on spinnerbaits. My grandpaw caught a 45 lb flathead with a spinnerbait while we were fishing a bass tournament.

  2. I've caught two on whopper poppers and a bunch on jigs, chatter baits, swimbait and other moving baits. Just gotta remember that they're predators first and scavengers second.

  3. You can catch catfish by sticking your arm in their holes in the south where they get 20lbs on a light diet, catfish eat ANYTHING

  4. Buzzbaits, lipless crank baits, crappie jigs and senkos; favorite one was on a senko. After pulling 3 bass from a downed tree a thought I was pulling in a 4lb + bass. But instead a perfect eating size channel cat!

  5. Crazy timing seen this happen for the first time last weekend my buddy was throwing a whopper plopper, that cat smacked the top water like a bass

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