Must visit restaurants in LA?

  1. I’d suggest you check out some of the best ethnic foods there are in LA: Mexican, Korean and Japanese are some of the main ones in my opinion; but you can get lots of other authentic ethnic foods: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian. In general the proximity to Asia seems like it brings larger Asian communities compared to the anywhere else in the USA.

  2. I’d argue that the San Gabriel Valley has some of the, if not the best regional Chinese cuisine in the country. I’d say it’s a must try.

  3. I don’t know if there’s a crowd favorite, but I recommend hitting up one of the Ethiopian restaurants in Little Ethiopia. I personally like Messob.

  4. Hope you enjoy your first time in the US. It may help to know where you are staying but if you find yourself near sawtelle, I recommend Tsujita Annex for a bowl of tsukemen (dipping ramen). Lots of good food options within walking distance too if the wait is long. (Killer noodle, Anzu, tenkatori)

  5. True, worst case is if you walk in & have to wait for your table @ the bar… Not a bad thing, really, if you have the time.

  6. I love Guelaguetza and also recommend that, however I really really like the moles and prefer them at Casita Mexicana in Bell. I think it's my favorite Mexican restaurant.

  7. At some point while you’re in LA, have an In-N-Out double double. Even better if you’re flying in with a friend or with family—so you can order a regular double double and another one “animal style”. If you order the fries, ask for it well done.

  8. Skip the regular one, get a Double Double Animal style with extra toasted bun, add chopped chiles and raw onion. The extra toasted bun is a game changer

  9. Welcome! If you’re into Mexican food, LA is probably the best single city in the US for it since you’ll have a wide range of options for price, setting (brick and mortar vs street), region of origin, and type of food (antojitos, tacos, plates, mariscos, dessert, etc). Only thing is Mexican food around Beverly Hills/west la is expensive and not very good in my opinion when compared to areas where more Mexican people live, such as (but not limited to) areas around and to the south/east of downtown. Not that you won’t find anything good or cheap on the west side, but I’d suggest researching food on this sub in the more Mexican areas and try not to be set on anything too fancy.

  10. Cheap Italian- Bay Cities Deli in SM. Order online and take a few sandwiches to the beach or even Palisades Park.

  11. I've found Uovo to be drastically disappointing relative to Pasta Sisters, Osteria La Buca, Sunday Gravy, and Antico Nuovo. The "flown in" pasta doesn't do much for me, when you can get actually fresh and in-house made pasta at Felix.

  12. I like Bavel more. I thought Bestia was good, but maybe only a fraction of a bit better than a lot of other italian places around town, and infinitely harder to get into.

  13. Dan Tana's and Dear John's are the go-tos for classic steakhouse/Italian vibes. I thought the menu at Musso and Frank was killing but the overall experience didn't really live up to the hype.

  14. Soup dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (Glendale), Fried chicken @ Pioneer Chicken (Boyle Heights), Tacos de asada @La Estrella (Highland Park), Margherita Pizza @Midici's (Encino), Japanese -style fried chicken @ Tokyo Fried Chicken (Monterey Park). Plazita Olvera and Little Tokyo are also historic LA staples where you can walk around and get some yummy noms. I don't think I know of any italian places that stick out in my mind as a must-have but, if you love beef, I would definitely consider a brazilian bbq spot, like W Brazilian in K-Town.

  15. You must go to Phillipe’s — the definitive Los Angeles lunch, and the oldest restaurant in town

  16. Cut Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Mastros on Ocean in Malibu. Angelini Osteria in Fairfax. A.O.C. in West Hollywood. Go to Chaumont Bakery in Beverly Hills and get the French toast, pan suisse, and almond croissant too.

  17. What did you get at Ospi that you enjoyed? I ate there recently, and I was super disappointed with the food. Everything tasted flat and boring.

  18. Street Tacos and Fruit from the corner rainbow frutera stand, with lime and tarjin. San Perdo, ports o call, shrimp with potatoes and wash it down with a huge Modello. Dodger Dog from the stadium. Then walk it all off with a Malibu hike.

  19. Sushi Note in Sherman Oaks (5 mins from Studio City, get the Full Note omakase) -- get there early for an epic glass of vintage wine at their sister restaurant across the street Augustine Wine Bar (they also have a great menu - don't sleep on the steak frites).

  20. I totally understand not wanting "fusion" food because it's usually either poorly done, or way over the top. But LA is one of the greatest multicultural cities in the world, and nothing better represents this city better than Kogi Taqueria. It's a taco truck that sells Korean barbecue tacos, and it's not "fusion", it's natural to the chef's upbringing in this city. It's cheap, not artsy, and fucking delicious.

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