Frenchie with impossible to clean dirty stomach & under arms

  1. I’m not sure how the groomer would have this cleaned. But it definitely looks like skin hyperpigmentation. Like, textbook. Edited to add, she is definitely cute. I have a fawn but without the mask. The mask is my favorite 😍.

  2. I once had a chihuahua the same colour as your boy. First summer we had him, he was so dark and dirty looking where his skin was more visible, regardless of how well I cleaned him up. Anyway, I worried and took him to the vet. The consensus was: he’s laying outside and sunning himself. Your dog is getting a tan. He’s okay.

  3. Looks fine and healthy to me. If you give em a bath and it doesn't change that's his skin color.

  4. That is called hyperpigmentation. It's a collection of melanin in areas like the groin, belly or places that comes across friction. Also occurs as a secondary condition to things like fungal infections or skin allergies.

  5. Y’all, I don’t think downvoting is necessary. She asked a question. How are people supposed to learn without asking?

  6. I have one lilac and white pied Frenchie and one grey and gold brindle. I wash them both in a tub of warm water with Vetricin equine wash. It washes off really easily, smells really great not perfumy, and really helps with any itching. When they are super dirty, I use a dilute Dawn solution and then the other soap.

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