Because I like Kit Kat, but don’t want to buy from Nestlé.

  1. Delicious!! Has more taste to it then actual Kit Kats imo. (Both the Nestlé ones as well as the Hershey’s).

  2. Like chocolate. Sweet chocolate. There is a hint of honey in the recipe which you might be able to make out.

  3. The chocolate is more smooth and is much more "lighter" than kit kats (for lack of a better word) and the waffer is more crispy but less dense. In other words: better in every single way, and you get to support a company which isn't Nestlé.

  4. We should try to replicate the recipe at Home. I’m sure there’s some good ones out there. Would need a bit of cocking but we would appreciate it better as well when it’s time to eat. Any good ones to try if anyone ever made some?

  5. Crimes against anything that be crimed against aside, at least with Freia you get actually good chocolate in trade for the crushing weight of your sins.

  6. Ok, stupid question, are there any non-chocolate, non-Nestle kit kats? I can't have chocolate and miss kit Kats from time to time but don't want to support Nestle (and they still put fuckin cocoa powder in between the wafers) so would really like to find something that's close but no chocolate or nestle involved.

  7. Vanilla wafers ? There is no coating, shaped like a regular square biscuit, idk where you live but here in the south of Europe its very common, supermarkets even have there generic brands:) but of course its not a kitkat

  8. Have you been to Sweden and can tell me if we have anything that tastes similar? Maybe kexchoklad or sportlunch?

  9. Svensk här! I would say that kvikk lunsj is better, but relatively similar to them. Though it might just be that i would usually have kvikk lunsj on a long hike or something that makes it taste so good. I think you can get it in some places here as well, though, but I'm not sure.

  10. I’ve had both Kexchokolad and Kvikk Lunsj (in DK here) and they are reasonably similar. If you like one I am certain you’ll be equally satisfied.

  11. All of them taste better than KitKats... Kvikk lunsj is the best though, sportlunsj is good as well.

  12. Both of those you mention are good, but much sweeter than Kvikk Lunsj. Kvikk Lunsj is just simply the best, if you ask me.

  13. It's ultimately a Mondelez product. Freia chocolate does have a unique and quite delicious flavour and I would be surprised if it's anything from Nestle, but Mondelez aren't exactly angels either.

  14. In Norway kvikk lunsj is, the got to hiking lunch! I bet 1 out of 3 backpacks that is packed for a hiking trip have atleast 1 kvikk lunsj. And if you add firkløver or helnøtt (chocolate plate with crushed hazel, or whole hazel) it is probably a 3 out of 3.

  15. Oooh I didn’t know there was a Nordic alternative to Kit Kats! Kit Kat is literally the only nestle product I eat sometimes, bc I live with my parents and I can’t exactly get them to stop buying things (+ my sister loves them). This is great!

  16. Omg I didn't think and thought this meant Kvikk lunsj was Nestlé for a second and my heart broke. Thank god I was wrong! They are the best. Thank you, Norway! <3

  17. I gotta say, I LOVE THESE. I would literally murder a nestle ceo for one of these. They’re 100000% better than any KitKat. People really have no idea how much better they could have it if nestle wasn’t fucking shit up.

  18. As a kid, I always thought these where the originals, like, the ones and only, and later saw kit kats and thought they were some cheap rip-off brand.

  19. America's candy choices has been shit, but particularly bad in the last couple decades. Nestle helped. It's so worth it to find small local choclatiers now.

  20. Nestle won the KitKat brand as a part of their hostile acquisition of Rowntree who were historically a relatively benevolent Quaker confectioner.

  21. My father works in Norway (I'm Polish!) and he brings those everytime he comes back. They're superior and I love them.

  22. Ah, but you can only enjoy Kvikk Lunsj if you tell every Norwegian you meet that you prefere Kit-kat. It's a disgusting lie, but it's funny.

  23. Kvikk Lunsj is made by Freia, who are owned by Mondelez International. They are under the same criticism as Nestlé. Advice to not to buy

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