“How Bad Can It Be?”

  1. Broken leg was badly set and had to be done again ten days later after the bones had slipped out of place. Leg muscles had atrophied and contracted. Bones lying alongside each other and moving around. Leg was black and purple and had shrunk to half its normal size.

  2. Yeah, there are a lot of things that hurt like hell but the people doing them laugh about it until it happens to them. I notice that the people who laugh at others' pain are the biggest babies. I remember when I learned that that it seemed to be a common thread. The ones who throw the most stones and call others weak, are themselves the worst weaklings in the world. I welcome when the world bitch slaps them. Not you, blurry, but you know the people I mean. In this doctor's case, he saved your life and of course didn't laugh. Poor guy.

  3. I learned the same about guys who were full of themselves and liked to brag and throw their weight around. With few exceptions, they’d be the first ones to quit when things got hard, and you knew it in advance. The quiet guys who just did their job - they were the ones you could count on. One of them worth ten of the others.

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