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  1. There's a particular breed of heritage lemon I love. I don't know the name, only that the fruit are a bit ugly (wrinkled), and that the tree grows fairly large (75 mm/ 3 inch) thorns.

  2. Cool! Glad you were able to keep ‘em going. We get some nice, big Valley lemons here sometimes. Not always available, though. Guess most of ‘em are exported.

  3. You’ll probably be disappointed. Fruit trees tend not to breed true (fruit from tree grown from seed isn’t the same as fruit of parent tree). Commercially they grow trees with good root stock from seed, then (when it’s still small) cut off the top and graft on a piece of a tree that grows good fruit.

  4. I used to spend some time in south Texas when I was young (not as far south as Blurry). The neighbor of the lady we stayed with managed farms and was kind to share produce as it was harvested.

  5. I have a Best Of list as well. Like Plants That Deer Won’t Eat (I use them as Defensive Planting setups - say I have tulip bulbs from the 1700’s that I pay between 2-5 dollars a bulb - or tomato and pepper plants. I nestle these valuable plants between things like: flowering alliums, Russian Sage (also known as salvia), Garlic, and lavender. There are a lot of other foul tasting plants that deer and moles hate but these do the trick. I get my pretty, expensive flowers to grow and bloom, and the deer (usually the young ones who don’t know better), will take a chomp of an allium or sage and then be really sorry.

  6. There was an old, long intended apple orchard higher back in the hills Back Home - not far from the family cemetery. Still had a good yield of soft yellow apples every year. We’d collect ‘em by the bushel. Gram would peel, core, and halve, and sulphur them for preservation. Kept well for quite a while that way, and gave them a distinctive flavor. She used ‘em for her pies. Maybe one of the reasons no one else’s were quite like hers.

  7. We have wild Mirabelle plums. 80% pit all flavour. Gran taught me: Polexican, you set the earth, the bugs , pick your battles, an' take care of the soil, and live and enjoy life with them, it will be ok.

  8. Had figs, nectarines, and apricots growing in the yard growing up. Hard to beat fresh off the tree for a snack. We used geraniums and green onions to keep the bugs out of the squash and 'maters. Didn't have much of a deer problem in town, the mountain lions kept them under control. 😲

  9. "Plants the deer won't eat" LOL nope, not here. They breed like rats round my parts, too many yuppies and not enough hunters. The deer here just go around them. Depending on how far south you are, Pawpaws are also some badass fruit. Pollinated by flies, they don't get diseased or anything really. They're also called custard apples, get a really nice tasting fruit best eaten fresh or frozen, never dried.

  10. Cantelopes Good. But you’re right - sometimes you’ll get some without that good, rich flavor that makes ‘em special. Mother loves ‘em (calls ‘em “mush melons”), so we grew up with ‘em.

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