The world need more teachers like this.

  1. I'm a former teacher (dreaded HS English), and I only hope that I had some sort of impact like this on any of my students. This was a beautiful tribute.

  2. I loved high school English. I had the same two teachers and my one teacher that covered Dante had us read a modern book about Dante’s inferno as well.

  3. I had an awesome English Literature teacher in high school. One quarter we spent on The Classics, one on Prose and Poetry, and the last on Fantasy and Science Fiction. I'm much more of a science geek and drama nerd, but that was one of my all time favorite classes in school.

  4. Not all Angels have wings that fly, not all heroes wear capes, she saved you from the lie, that you'd gleaned from those tapes.

  5. I've had an odd life in that I've rubbed elbows with poor and rich people alike, people from drug-ridden ghettos and back-water mountain areas. I've watched people who were affected by generational violence overcome that, become more because of a few simple acts of love. I've watched people given chances at a new life throw them away and get mired in crack, meth, and weed again. I've seen sons of drug runners who've risen high enough in society to live in neighborhoods with doctors, lawyers, and policemen. I've seen the precipitous fall of people of status because of a mistake they've made. At this point, I've learned that I can't save them all, that it takes two to tango.

  6. Bravo! This fine lady was the Real Deal, and she came to it through hardship that would have destroyed many. No better accolades than to know you’d made a difference in other peoples’ lives.

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