Daisy? She might give her baby the same name as Ellissa’s dog?? I swear one of you predicted this 😂

  1. This reminds me of that scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon’s character rattles off the names of his fake brothers—all but one end in y.

  2. Right? They’re totally the type that would love Paisley. And spell it with a Z. But I’m thinking Paizleigh.

  3. I'm sorry, I understand it's a normal name, I just thoroughly dislike it. Also Everly, please Birthy, I understand you're the poster child for white Christians, but please find something else.

  4. I’m actually gonna be a wildcard here…I think the name they like is Adalynn. Idk why but I feel like that’s a Dāv name and he’s trying to convince her

  5. I swear these Christian “influencers” come up with the dumbest names for their kids, either that or they spell it in a stupid over the top way that those kids won’t be able to spell themselves.

  6. actually i think these a pretty good. they’re normal names, not spelled in an abnormal manner. kind of shocking tbh

  7. Doesn't matter if she calls her Daisy because Ewlissa's has gone the way of all fundie dogs; immediately forgotten once the next blessing comes along.

  8. Daisy, Lucy, and Gracie aren’t obnoxious. My bets are on Paisley or Everly, although there is already an ig ‘famous’ kid named everleigh

  9. I feel like someone else suggested something similar to Porgans Luca grace. And lo and behold lucy and Gracie

  10. Daisy is the first one I thought of because it sounds the most like Davey. Waiiit WHATTTT hahahhaha I had no idea it was Elissa’s dog’s name. I REALLY hope they pick it!!

  11. Given that this is Bethany, I am guessing it will be Daisy. Stealing Elissa’s dog name to get back at her for having the first daughter in the Baird sister group. You know Bethany is just seething that she wasn’t the first #girlmom out of her sisters.

  12. Quite a few people suggested Daisy when she first announced, as it’s kind of like the feminine of “Daaaav”. Why is she so predictable??

  13. I feel like here is the perfect place to tell you all that my friends sister named her daughter Dejone Fierra - Dejone after a character in the show proud family (where they’re literally all named after condiments, she named her daughter after mustard) and fierra because…. Her fave chocolate is fererro rocher 🙃

  14. I know someone who is trying to me a momfluencer and she just had a baby girl named Tennyson. All of these names sound normal in comparison 😂

  15. I babysat a little toddler named Tennyson when I was in high school. He’d be in his 20s now. I’ve never heard of anyone else with that name—I think it was his mothers maiden name.

  16. My Girl baby name is Everly. I wanted Beverly after my grandma but hubby says it's too old fashioned. 😂 Of course I'm 41 and my only is leaving for college but still.

  17. 10 years ago I named my daughter after both my grandmothers, Evelyn+Shirley=Eve+rley. A few months later,Channing Tatum had his daughter and named her Everly, and that name has taken off.

  18. I said on another thread that speculated she was going to copy Morgan that she’ll name the kid Lucy Grace…and both names made the list! 😂

  19. That’s collectively just a list of names you give your daughter when you think she’s trailer park pretty but she’s never gonna be Jolene

  20. It's Adalynn because it's the only one that's spelled in a way that makes you confused as to what they were actually trying to name the baby.

  21. Why did she have to pick that picture to use? It looks like she's passing a kidney stone or she's really constipated.

  22. As a teacher, all of these names suck. (Sorry to anyone who has these names/has kids with these names). I have so many students with allll of these types of names, the -lyns and the -leys and let’s not forget the -leighs/-lees/-leis and all the damn names that have random ys thrown in there or with punctuation randomly inserted because you’re so sPeShUl you had to doom your kid to a name that will be forever misspelled, mispronounced, or be the same as 10 other kids in their class.

  23. Yes! Using a popular classic name is completely different to jumping on a trend bandwagon, these names don’t sound unique or different. Think of the -Ayden trend

  24. It’s going to be Everly. That’s the one I like the least. Sorry for anyone out there named that. I’m going to have to get on board with the trends.

  25. I like Gracie just because we had a recently deceased cat named Gracie who for most of her life was sassy and violent for seemingly no reason.

  26. My sister was supposed to be Lucy. It was decided for a long time and we told all the family. But then my grandpa got a dog and named her Lucy before the due date. Needless to say my mom was pissed.

  27. She’s definitely thinking Gracie as a competitive fuck you to Morgan because that’s what god told Morgan to name her baby. Why else would she use “Gracie”, a nickname for grace, instead of just Grace? I can see Bethy being that petty.

  28. Im sorry but if this is the face she makes to express frustration over names, I feel like Dave needs rescuing. Hostage situation fr, did this man commit a mortal crime or something and is married to her as a penance???

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