Hawaii is considering a bill that bans cigarette sales to anyone under 100 - a new bill introduced in Hawaii's State House, calling for a phased ban on cigarette sales in the state by 2024.

  1. Spoke to my nephew about this yesterday. He's a Marine. He says that any former or current military people can buy them on the base. This will probably lead to a black market in Hawaii.

  2. Aside from this proposal not going anywhere, most post commanders work closely with their civilian government counterparts and it wouldn't be suprising if the ones in Hawaii ban cigarette sales at their exchanges.

  3. When I was stationed in Germany we had ration cards. You could only get so much coffee, cigarettes, and liquor a month. If I had to guess the bases will probably institute something similar

  4. It will not lead to black market. A black market will be created by design. I am sure the lawmaker who came up with this is already invested. Just like they did back in 1920

  5. Eh, I think it was mostly done for the purposes of reducing buds left lying everywhere on the islands. People always want to make the smoking thing a health/government issue, but nah the shit is nasty and the litter/trash left behind in their wake is immeasurable.

  6. Not sure if this would classify as a black market, but where I live in Canada there are indian reserves that sell tobacco really really cheap. Like $20 for a carton of 200 cigarettes, and there are even cheaper brands. It is totally illegal to buy or possess unless you are of native status but I can't see anyone checking or doing anything about it. Maybe if you were selling them out of the trunk of your car for profit.

  7. Your nephew is only half right. I remember when Hawaii changed the smoking age to 21. The bases there followed their lead. If Hawaii actually raises the age to smoking to 100, the bases will also raise the age. It’s the same reason why in Japan you can drink at 20 years old.

  8. thats for anything though. If you're stationed in a state with no liquor sales on sunday you can still buy on base

  9. I think it's a response to the vast amount of litter that cigarette butts create in Hawaii. The measure should be to outlaw filtered cigarettes. You want that shit, you're going to have to do it like your grandpappy did.

  10. It would dramatically lessen smoking, though, especially in younger individuals, which is its chief aim. There would be a steep drop-off, and they would eventually be completely phased out.

  11. More like military and DoD employee dealers, a large portion of the population in Hawaii is military and they will still be able to buy tobacco products on base.

  12. To get your smokes, you first have to listen for 45 minutes to a story about when your dealer was living in Ohio, and he and his friend Frank were working at a store hauling furniture for Jim Harmon onto his delivery trucks, and Frank was seeing a woman named Betsy, or was it Gracie? No, Frank was seeing Gracie when he worked at the automobile repair shop...

  13. I think it would help to massively curb smoking. My parents aren't going to start making black market deals for cigs. They should ban all corporate type cigarettes but allow "craft" type cigarettes. This would let hip youngsters who smoke have something to go to, but the Marborol (sp?) Generation would probably just drop the habbit.

  14. This would probably lead to crime and corruption, just as Prohibition and the War on Drugs did. Adults should be allowed to make their own health choices.

  15. That’s fucking dumb to ban those products. If they want to actually make a difference then they should put actual regulations on what can be put inside a cigarette.

  16. What country do you think this is? This is America. We are founded on the principles of telling everybody else what to do. We control bodies, guns, objects, lands, seas, air and space. If you don't like it, you can kiss my American $%.

  17. It's not a serious proposal. It's done as a protest to draw attention to the issue. The vast majority of bills both at the state and federal level are introduced to spark a debate and have no chance of going forward. Media just likes to run with stories because they know it will get clicks/viewers.

  18. This sub has been taken over by highly politicized garbage. Is this about some technological leap or big future advancement for humanity? No. It's a political thing. Does not belong here.

  19. I understand that cigarettes are really dangerous, and I generally consider myself to be quite progressive, but at some point you have to draw the line when it comes to issues like this. Adult's should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. Eating fast food and drinking soda regularly greatly increases your risk of heart disease, but you don't see the government trying to ban McDonald's and BurgerKing.

  20. New York indeed banned large soft drinks. Of course you see the government trying to ban this stuff. In other countries, it's illegal for McDonald's to put French Fries in a Happy Meal.

  21. Is there anybody in the world that hasn't gotten the memo that smoking is deadly? Let people make up their own minds. I don't need the nanny state to tell me not to smoke.

  22. Here’s an interesting idea. Why not regulate what’s in cigarettes? Make them only have tobacco, like in “the old days”. I’m still not sure why the government hasn’t forced those companies to remove the carcinogens from cigarettes.

  23. "Some cigarettes are now being sold as “all natural.” They’re marketed as having no chemicals or additives and rolled with 100% cotton filters. There’s no proof they are healthier or safer than other cigarettes, nor is there good reason to think they would be. Smoke from all cigarettes, natural or otherwise, has many chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinogens) and toxins that come from burning the tobacco itself, including tar and carbon monoxide."

  24. Why do we keep trying this failed experiment called prohibition? Look at how it worked with alcohol, and look how it works with drugs today. Why would it work any better for cigarettes? You’re going to have people ODing from cut cigarettes and violence and all kinds of crazy shit. The solution is to legalize all psychoactive substances.

  25. Welcome to the new progressive where this is perfectly ok and acceptable because freedom is only ok when the majority deems so...

  26. Anti-tobacco campaigns have been SUPER effective in the United States over the past few decades. Have people not travelled abroad and compared? I think we’ve proven that a health concern like that can be addressed through other means. This bill is stupid.

  27. Change through societal pressure and changing mores, while slower, is almost always healthier for a society than edicts from the authorities.

  28. I have a semi-irrational hate for cigarettes and I still don't think this would be a good idea. Just keep taxing the shit out of them.

  29. I'm all for reducing smokers but this and publicly shaming them isn't it. We all have our own way of dealing with stress. Why demonize a population because they chose smoking. This is just going to make it worse

  30. Alcohol does way more damage and is a worse drug in many ways compared to nicotine, yet nobody is pushing a ban for it. Seems unfair to me.

  31. I dislike cigarettes but the fact we’re trying to tell other adults not to do something is ridiculous! Where does it stop?

  32. The article mentions that a person is less likely to be a tobacco user for life if they are not one at age 25. So why not incrementally raise the legal age to 30?

  33. What if big tobacco and and alcohol companies, in exchange for selling their products in the USA, had to pay for Healthcare for all Americans? 🤔

  34. I don't smoke but fuk anyone who wants to regulate morality.... it's not the government's Choice what somebody does with their body whether it's a good choice or a bad choice it is up to the individual

  35. Man, this post triggered a shit ton of cigarette smokers. I'm in support of decriminalizing all drugs. But I'm also in favor of banning cigarettes. I think it should be restricted only to private property. It's so frustrating walking outside and smelling a cigarette from 50 ft away, let alone the nightmare it is being up close. I know I'm totally biased because I can't be near one without suffering a pounding migraine, but there's absolutely no benefit to any single human to have those things out in public.

  36. What happens when demand stays the same, but supply goes down?...price goes up and makes it wayyy more lucrative to sell, Im smelling black market boom...and cigarette smoke(eww)

  37. The only reason tobacco is allowed today is that the politicians are afraid of both the tobacco companies and the votes from the addicted.

  38. The Fourth group is people who believe in bodily autonomy and the government should not be able to say what i do with my own body.

  39. There's a third demographic: tobacco growers. It's historically been a cash crop, and even if we import some there are still many states whose farmers rely on it for income - and who are either too poor to survive without it, or rich enough to lobby for its protection through Big Agriculture.

  40. It’s funny to see all of these commenters sucking off Big Brother (and loving every second of it!).

  41. This would be great if "ban" meant removing it from existence. Not how the real world works, unfortunately.

  42. Don’t think you can get a job past 100? Think again, for in Hawaii you can become a completely legal cigarette dealer!

  43. What about a ban on selling tobacco to people born from next year on? Its long term, but I imagined it has to be THE way to piss off the least amount of people in the coming elections

  44. My grandma used to give me a note and money to take to the corner store to get her cigarettes. Oh how the tables have turned grandma!

  45. There are so many work arounds for this law. If it bans the sale of tobacco, I would charge $15 for this specific pack of matches and it includes a pack of cigarettes for free.

  46. And Hawaii will create a new criminal empire in the process. When will we learn, prohibition doesn’t work. never has worked and never will.

  47. Turning centenarians into tobacco smugglers is certainly a new approach to generating retirement income.

  48. You could probably still buy tobacco and rolling paper, if so they're just trying to eliminate all that bullshit chemical in brand cigarettes

  49. I think that you could that in a state like Hawaii. Try do that in Italy or Poland and you will have a bloody uprising.

  50. Good, they’re always littered in the sand at the beach and kids play with them when making sand castles.

  51. They tried with alcohol in the 1920s, didn't work. Now, we are doing it with many drugs: pot, cocaine, crack, etc. Isn't working. Prohibition isn't the solution.

  52. So not only are they trying to lose $10 million a year. They will create a black market for cigarette sales in the state. Good thinking.

  53. The real key here is addiction - people need to educate themselves about the difference between use and misuse, no one should be restricting our chemical romances.

  54. Guess the narcs are desperate for something else to regulate now that marijuana is being legalized everywhere. If they legalize shrooms, we'll probably have to ban alcohol again.

  55. Fuck that. Why is it the governments business if somebody wants to smoke? It's already banned everywhere it could possibly affect anyone else, even open air events. Shit, I went snowboarding last week and there were no smoking signs all over the ski runs, like in the trees and on the lifts and shit. I dont smoke anymore, I vape, and I'm respectful about it, but you can be damn sure i vaped. It's the middle of the fucking woods. Come on. If people want to smoke and not hurt anyone but themselves, who gives a fuck?

  56. As somebody who works in a hospital, this will be interesting as some elderly people literally need cigarettes to survive. Otherwise quitting cold turkey will shock their system too much. I doubt they'd really quit before 2024.

  57. I’m excited for the stories of 80 year olds standing out front of 7-11 getting 100 year old ladies to boot some cigarettes for them.

  58. Im pretty sure its because the politicians sponsoring the bill are being funded by e cig/vape companies. Ive been waiting for the local news station to do some investigative journalism for once.

  59. How is alcohol legal and tobacco being outlawed ? This is insane. That damage alcohol has on any given population is far worse than tobacco

  60. I'm sure this won't drastically backfire in any way. Why has nobody ever thought of just prohibiting drugs before? Maybe next we could try alcohol.

  61. I’m not a cigarette smoker. I believe that if an adult wants to smoke away from other people who don’t want to be exposed to 2nd hand smoke, it should be perfectly legal. We shouldn’t be trying to make laws that keep people from making bad choices in their lives as long as others are not effected. This is a step down the wrong road

  62. Why not let informed citizens smoke if they want to. It shouldn't be the governments job to tell you what you can and can't do to yourself.

  63. Just like fireworks. They banned it, so now we probably have the biggest black market for that. You should see our 4th of July and New Year's. You would think the government was handing out fireworks for free it's so crazy with personal massive fireworks displays

  64. Fucking shit this is all well and good but it won’t stop the sale. The goal is not to criminalize more drugs, it should be to decriminalize all of them so they can be sold legally and regulated. I mean goddamn it if someone wants to do meth let them, as long as they don’t harm anyone in the process it shouldn’t be our goal to make sure they aren’t doing it. And there are a lot of other drugs not nearly as harmful that should be legalized on the way. Obviously drug education would need to be sensible and better funded, as opposed to idiotic scare tactics that do nothing, but adults can decide for themselves.

  65. Just stupid... I'm not a smoker and have never smoked anything in my life, but it's not the governments job to bubble wrap people to stop them from damaging themselves. If people want to smoke, let them. I'm just totally against banning things because it's anti-freedom.

  66. "The obesity epidemic in the U.S. has cost the U.S. economy $1.72 trillion, which includes hundreds of billions of dollars in health care costs and more than a trillion dollars in lost productivity."

  67. Strong anti-smoker here, but this is nuts. Let people kill themselves if they're old enough to decide that's what they want. As long as it's not hurting anybody else who cares

  68. Aka: Hawaii considers passing a bill that promotes a black market for cigarettes, set to grow to maximum size by 2024.

  69. As a former smoker and now caper I think a long term goal like this is beneficial BUT having never in my life battled something as strong as nicotine (including the fact I obviously haven’t fully quit) if this is backed up with some serious help for those who won’t be able to get them, they’re only asking for a super destructive societal mess.

  70. I’m not really a fan of adding another drug to illegal and perpetuating the drug war. I think there are better way than simply banning the product.

  71. Very stupid. Is whoever in charge of passing this through planning on making bank on the black market because that's what will happen. Also why is this posted here? It has nothing to do with futurology.

  72. Sounds legit. Banning alcohol and other drugs has totally been shown to stop abuse and causes no crime. (Rolls eyes)

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