What is a realistic timeline for us to either halt/slow ageing or even as far as immortality, and do you believe it’s possible in our lifetimes?

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  2. Age extension exists currently but is in its infancy. Considering the markets interest in the technology I imagine it will proceed somewhat quickly. If you have good healthcare and were born in the 1990s I expect you be able, not guaranteed, able to hit age 100. In a few decades old age might be curable. You'd basically hit your forties or fifties and more or less stay there.

  3. But do you want to? No matter how good the anti-aging tech becomes , there's a lot of social elements that are affected negatively by aging, your social circle normally declines, you're included in a lot less activities, you may not have the emotional energy to handle decades of solitude...be careful what you wish for

  4. That's exactly what we need. Keep all of those 70 and 80 year olds in Congress for another 50 years. You think he's too old to be President? Naah, he's only 150.

  5. At humans current state of environmental destruction. I’m not all to keen on seeing 2100… I won’t anyway I’m too old currently. But what is the climate going to be like? Population overcrowding… only the very elite, the plutocrats/billionaires…. The general population will not see these things. Just my opinion.

  6. I think we will destroy ourselves before something like immortality is possible. All you have to do is look at history. Anything is possible though.

  7. I think this is the biggest reason we should never allow it. One of humanities relief valves, I believe, is that we all die and allow something new/different to take our place. Could you imagine a world where someone like Jeff Bezos lives forever. What does that world look like?

  8. Not until the rich establish themselves as slave masters of the planet, and realize an immortal and infinitely oppressed society is the easiest way to sustain themselves.

  9. Considering our inability to deal with runaway climate change I think it's highly unlikely. Going to be more reactionary focus on survival in an increasingly hostile environment. Quality air, water, food and healthcare are going to be harder to come by. Maybe the 1% of the 1% squirrel themselves away somewhere but they too will be focused on surviving as a primary focus. If we don't take care of this ecosystem that we depend on first, semi or total immortality doesn't matter

  10. I do not believe it is possible as it is not incentivized. Even with incentivization I think we won't have extremely meaningful life extension ever. Biology is also ludicrously complex.

  11. My guess is in 50-75 years we can drastically decrease cellular ageing. But it might be near impossible to do with a formed human. Much easier to rewrite genes at the embryonic stage.

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