+41% in 30 days. Little media coverage.

  1. Apparently, trying to prevent (limit) FOMO is their strategy? Well let's use every social media avenue to promote the 10000x that's about to happen!

  2. Nowadays the media wanna talk like they got something to say But nothing comes out when they move their lips Just a bunch of headge fund bull shit And motherfuckers act like they forgot about GME.

  3. I dunno.. I saw that senior director from Apple is coming over to Gamestop. That seemed like at least a little news from our favorite company..

  4. DD is correct. Now when we hit 500 600 and 800 ... we’ll see if our brothers actually believe over 1000 and we will see who is really with us. I personally don’t believe this stock will ever be this price again after Moass so Im fucking set and will watch us moon and the price flicker back and forth with nothing but ape fang contempt for anyone who sells even one share. I’ll never sell a share. Ever. I’m going to attic box them.

  5. In my eyes, hitting something around $5000 is just a proof of concept. I know there is a squeeze igniting at that point, there is no reason for me to sell.

  6. Your gonna have to sell 1or 2 eventually, just like most apes 10-200mil is generational $, that and elite criminal justice is what were here for...just need the whale apes to wait for x share apes, like myself, to be able to cash in 1 or 2 shares to make the same, and then help hodl the rest of GME'e float for the rest of time as the best in business will do.

  7. Let's fuck the mainstream media by not commenting on the mainstream media. Let's hold and buy more until the mainstream media gets FOMO and reports it at $420,696 per share.

  8. I just saw a MarketWatch article that claims the price went up because the Apes are unanimously supportive/excited about the JPOW announcement.

  9. when it all goes to mass media it will be over. The media, then, will try to survive and will eat each others. The retail owners of GME are 1,2,3,4 millions. Yes we will be multi multi millioners, but this company must grow and become trillion dollar company, we will need more customers. This way RC and GS will fininsh what they started. I dont know if EM and RC will drink their coffees together watching the new world that they created, but the media sooner or later may be part of the proccess. For now I will HODL, drink my wine and hype every moment of my life. I love my life as it is now. I don't want to change it. I want to change the world that my kids will grow in. This world is too cruel and too jelous. We have a word here: The more money you have, the more money you want. That must be changed.

  10. I'm not entirely sure about that anymore. MSM will try and cover their friends as much as possible, and by reporting it, they'll drive more people to the stink, causing even more FOMO'ing

  11. Tells me all I need. BUY HODL or Hold , with a majority in DRS. This may take a year but these fuckers are breaking. No cell no sell


  13. I wanna see how everyone handles it if the makers somehow take us from $300 to $80 in the short term, or $600 to $200 etc.

  14. I don't have Twitter, but perhaps asking like Fox Business to place GME in their "index recap" scroll once in a while when it is up over 40% in the last 30 days

  15. Yep, all of this price action without the widespread FOMO and attention we saw in January. Just imagine what it will look like when we see that kind of news coverage again...

  16. We don't want media coverage. That'd bring surely shift the majority from "diamond handed apes strong together" to "paper handed bitches". We only got this far because we've been able to teach newcomers to have an ideological spine, to think for themselves, faster than they show up.

  17. The only thing I saw was an article that said the price was running up because Kenny bought the constitution.

  18. And this is totally cool n my eyes. Allows me to play some smaller quick easy gains and push profits into more GME. I don’t see this one as get rich quick as much as an investment waiting to generated untold riches, wine, women, and song.

  19. Last night I was remembering the “$XXXX” Is not a meme threads. And had a good laugh. I almost feel like that’s about to happen again soon.

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