Weekend project ready - Lexus hitch

  1. Everything here mirrors my experience. I popped off the exhaust hanger for more clearance and used a trolley jack to support and balance the hitch while installing. A second pair of hands was also a great help.

  2. bought it on ebay but is through a scottsdale AZ lexus dealer. This is a beast - class IV hitch so max towing capacity.

  3. Job is done. It was rough and had one bolt that was a pain. In the end I won and mission accomplished. Thanks for all the comments - I literally used every one - exhaust hanger tool, lubricant, impact wrench etc...and all of it was necessary. Thanks to the GXOR community...More projects to come.

  4. Make sure to use a torque wrench on the big bolts. I borrowed a friend’s impact driver to install mine and thought they were cranked down tight. I crawled back under to check torques with an actual torque wrench before my first big tow and all of them were surprisingly loose. Overall easy job just RTFM.

  5. If you also bought the Toyota hitch bar (that the ball mounts to) pay attention to the instructions on the orange card. The ball mounts to it what looks like “upside down”, but will get you the right height for towing (about 18” above ground)

  6. Seems like everyone has already suggested the tools you need: Impact & torque wrench, wd-40, & a BIG flathead to use as a prybar on your exhaust hanger. The only things that seems to be missing are a set of saftey glasses for when you're upside down under the car(lots of dirt is going to fall into your eyes when you're unbolting everything) and picking up a small tube of anti-seize for the bolts that go into your frame. They've got it at all the local car parts store like auto-zone. Here's the one I got locally for reference

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