[Gamestop] Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox ($19.80 / 66% off)

  1. I am still waiting for the Ultimate Edition to drop to below $20 before I pull the trigger. I can always borrow the base Xbox edition from the local library.

  2. Is there appreciable single person DLC for this that would warrant waiting for a "Complete" version? Or is this offer pretty much the definitive version of the game?

  3. There's no single-player DLC. The one great fault of this game is that Rockstar is going the GTA route with the game (or at least tried) and focused only on Red Dead Online at the expense of offering any single-player DLC.

  4. At this point I’ll wait another year or 2 for a $10 sale. Just got Assassins creed Unity for $2 plus Gamepass has a huge catalog

  5. Unfortunately not 60fps but one of the smoothest 30fps games I played on the X. The actual fidelity is a bit higher than on the One X so some cutscenes/closeups look genuinely like a movie all these years later.

  6. Confused about the versions. Why does standard RDR2 also have story mode. Isn’t the story already in the base game ?

  7. There are three versions. Ultimate Edition includes both the story and Red Dead Online, plus some bonuses for RDO. Standard Edition includes both the story and Red Dead Online, with no bonuses. The third edition, not listed here, is just Red Dead Online purchases separately.

  8. i hate how owning the digital license of a game doesn't grant you the ability to play it on other platforms just imagine having to buy gta5 on ps5 when you own it on ps4 or pc, disgusting

  9. When will Valve get their head out of their ass and put this on an actual sale on Steam? Are they really that bitter that Epic got a year of exclusivity still?

  10. From what I have read Valve doesn’t set the prices fro any of their games other than their own. It’s the publishers that do so in this case it’s just a matter of Rockstar not wanting to sell it cheaper on steam

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