I learned it by watching you.

  1. Yep. My heart broke when a saw Cyndi Lauper hawkin meds in a commercial a few years ago. All I could say was fuck.

  2. I always loved the idea that the total dork of a father there could be a coke head. Maybe it was supposed to be marijuana, but I always imagined the drug in this ad to be cocaine.

  3. Lol, I totally remember seeing this! It was hard for me to relate to though because I was so young, and had no desire to try drugs. My parents didn't even drink. I always thought the look on the father's face at the end was heartbreaking.

  4. Lol my parents were way too straightlaced to learn anything fun from. In other news pot becomes available to legally purchase for recreational purposes in my U.S. state in a couple months.

  5. My parents introduced me to pot, were the first 2 times I smoked with anyone. But being boomer divorced remarried assholes who had little to no respect for my feelings or intellect... they were, still-are shitty people to be high with.

  6. Classic ad , never stop me from getting high . It gave me idea on how to find my present stash .they always threaten me to go to military school if I kept smoking weed . So I kept smoking weed.

  7. I always wondered why the dad would be so shocked and angry about his kid using drugs if dad was also actively using drugs, seemingly where the kid could see. My best friend in high school was clean back then but became a druggie in college; that's when he learned what that weird smell was that had come out of his parents' bedroom when he was a kid...

  8. I still to this day find my self using this iconic line in my everyday speech where fitting. Usually for a laugh that no one else catches.

  9. I would like to know how many people started smoking marijuana because it's something their parents did because kids that age totally want to emulate their parents and not completely rebel against them and burn the whole house down.

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