In a nutshell…(apologies if it’s been done before)

  1. Just like boomers think anyone under 50 is a millenial. I don’t even think they know xers exist. I should know. End game xer (79) raised by absent boomers.

  2. The Gen Xer is the person who took the picture thus we're not IN the picture. The boy represents Gen Z.

  3. Yea, it's called trolling. And I suspect it could even be group sponsored. Ive encountered it in a handful of reddit groups, at least.

  4. Fuck 'emmm, hit this shit, stand back and sooner or later you'll find you've backed up far enough to see that you never needed to give a fuck in the first place then, hit that shit again and pass it;)

  5. Like “Karen”, being called a boomer is now the lazy catch all insult used when you say something someone disagrees with.

  6. This meme is so tired and gets shared here almost everyday. I find the hyper focus on Millennials, the other middle aged generation, very bizarre on here.

  7. Wanna fight about it? We’re also the last generation before smartphones and cameras were everywhere. We’ll fight a mother fucker without fear. Lol.

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