Staying up past midnight on Sunday nights to see a video from a band MTV might play once ever

  1. Remember Friday Night Videos and the Saturday afternoon Casey Kasem video countdown show? Those are the only videos I saw growing up in the middle of the woods and not having cable. I go on YouTube at times to watch 30+ year old videos I never saw as a kid

  2. Oh yeah, OG 120 Minutes. Dave was great. I still say, “Oim Dive Kindil” to my wife sometimes to make her laugh. I was wrecked on Monday mornings, but between this and buying stuff blind on trips to Tower Records in New Orleans I got turned on to a lot of good stuff in those days. As an aside, letting me and my idiot friends fuck off to NOLA on a moment’s notice was peak Gen X free range/neglectful parenting. We lived in Mississippi. It’s not like someone could come get us in 15 minutes if we broke down somewhere in the boonies at 2 am.

  3. Staying up for 120 minutes! Loved that. It is nice to watch what you want whenever, but I think life is missing something that way. Like no excitment or anticipation or something

  4. Did someone say midnight... do not expose to sunlight, no contact with water, never feed after midnight.

  5. Our TV was in the family room directly under my parents' room, so I had to keep the volume way down to watch 120 Minutes. Seeing all that great music was the highlight of my week!

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