Does anyone remember hating on Justin Bieber??

  1. Lol yes, but it was mostly dudes who were jealous because the girls at the time wanted him. This was around the time of the swag vs emo era

  2. I remember recently at lunch, some girls were singing Justin Bieber's song "Baby", and oh my god did I want to end it all when they started chanting the chorus

  3. Back in 2 grade for me (5/6 years old) we had this thing where you were either a micheal jackson fan or a justin bieber fan, you couldn't be both, you couldn't be neither. The micheal jackson fans hated Justin Bieber and the Justin Bieber fans hated micheal jackson. I found micheal jackson to look creepy (since this was his later years), so I was a Justin Bieber fan.

  4. I just knew you're supposed to dislike him even though i kinda started liking his music around 2015 ish. Fortunately most people's opinion about him changed by then. Probably because both Justin Bieber and us guys grew up.

  5. Definitely, back in middle school me and my friends/classmates at school would call him gay, and if one of his songs came on the radio I would shout "gaaaay". I played a few "kill Justin Bieber" games back in 5th-6th grade during the "My World" era.

  6. I never really did even tho he had some overplayed shit that I couldn't stand to listen one more time, but in 5th grade I was told by everybody I was in love with JB. I never even murmured that fucking claim but turns out it was a bullying tactic that this boy group in my class made up and that pissed me tf off.

  7. Yea and i literally had a poster of him in my room but still would hate on him cause everyone did, then would go home and blast his music on the family computer😭

  8. I remember in the mid 2010s, seeing a bunch of videos from years prior about hating him so I kind of went along with it even if I was a little behind on it lol

  9. I do, these days, I don't really care about him, though I do still cringe when I remember all the "I'm a belieber" fangirls.

  10. No. I remember liking his music, and the grown adults around me making me feel like shit for liking a music artist who was actually in my age range.

  11. I hated how much people were obsessed over him. I didn't understand why people fell in love with his mostly mediocre songs. I disliked his music and it's still not my style, but I'm happy his fans are quieter about their love for him. I still cringe when people obsess super hard over anything even if I enjoy it as well.

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