[Image] Let's show respect for those who speak a second language

  1. Yep, assuming it implies a second language is just another stereotype. It's just as likely they don't even know one language.

  2. Except mate's. Me and my friends would make fun of each other for hours even congratulating good come backs.

  3. People on Reddit are horrible with that.. I made a post the other day and I thought I was clear about what I was saying. Turns out it wasn’t and people got nasty, even after I explain it was not my first language.. I’m not writing a post anytime soon after that.

  4. That sucks! If it makes you feel better, I have noticed most people seem to be very supportive and helpful with ESL speakers - but some subs are better about that than others. Please keep posting, my friend.

  5. Knowing nothing about you other than you are learning English, I think you rock. My father is an immigrant from a developing country. He came to the US with less than nothing (I.e. he owed his uncle money for the plane trip). He told me that there will always be people wanting to tear you down, the important thing is to be honest with yourself and keep going. I would like to tell you that you are great, and don’t quit. Keep going!

  6. Yup, if you're not crystal clear on exactly what you're saying, you must mean the complete opposite and are a complete and utter moron. No benefit of the doubt on this website. Fucking nasty people

  7. I'm sorry you went through that. I think a lot of people on reddit are very insecure from to the way they'll get hyper aggressive and angry over the slightest thing. This says more about them than you though.

  8. I have a memory of being a kid and teasing my grandma for saying turd instead of third because she had a french accent, and I feel so guilty for it. (My family is french Canadian, but I'm the outlier and don't speak French)

  9. I wished the US would teach foreign language in grade school. I would argue in favor of Spanish since it has a lot of native speakers in the USA but any foreign language would be a plus.

  10. Yes, in the UK you learn either French,Spanish or German for around 6 years I think, then you have the option to carry on for 2 more years. And they recently introduced Arabic, Japanese and Polish.

  11. A shop I worked at hired a young Brazilian woman, followed by a German one. Work was frequently suitable for sitting and assembling things while chatting. We told both girls their English was virtually flawless as far as passing as a "born-here" and they were surprised by the comment. I was so impressed that their school instruction - which was all they'd had - allowed them to converse so naturally that no one would guess their heritage.

  12. This applies to any language. I was born in a Spanish speaking country but was raised in te US. My Spanish is pretty good, but I sometimes make small errors. The Spanish people here in the US that speak broken english hear it and are just as snobbish as those in the US that expect everyone to speak perfect English.

  13. people build up sentences differently in other countries, so it could be very bad english, it could be grammatically perfect in his mother tongue

  14. This is a good point. I think there are people out there who speak and write poorly, just not to the level we expect of those with learning difficulties. But they do have innate difficulty, and shouldn't be ragged on about it.

  15. your english is good enough. its clear and got the point across. thats all you need. dont worry about perfect grammar or needlessly big vocabularies, all that is a waste of time.

  16. I was a white guy in Hong Kong trying to speak Cantonese. I was about 20 years old at the time. Some teens were making fun of my Cantonese. I asked them ( in Cantonese) how long they had been studying English. They told me about ten years. I told them I had only been studying their language for a few months and asked them why after 10 years of English study they couldn’t speak a single sentence in English. That shut them up! 😂

  17. Lol! It’s so funny that you hear this post’s sentiment all the time but when English speakers try to speak a second language it’s perfectly acceptable to shit on them for seemingly minor pronunciation errors

  18. This is a false statement; there are a lot of folks running around with red hats that speak broken English, but they will tell you that being bilingual is satanic communism...

  19. I don't think a hat color or belief in a certain orange man really has anything to do with this, there's plenty of non bilingual broken-english speakers that don't fit that lol

  20. All the respect in the world for ESL (second language folks) but really, a loooootttt of dumbasses are speaking broken English and its literally their only language. Some people just think it's not "cool" to stay in school, or speak properly, so they make up their own nonsense and dig in their heels when offered help.

  21. Then shouldn't you make fun of those who elected them in the first place? They're obviously charismatic enough to convince more than 300 people to vote for them.

  22. I have so much respect for those that can speak multiple languages. I remember being in high school and taking french and I just remember it being so difficult. It just wasn't something I could pick up on. I think it's a really cool trait to have.

  23. I usually make fun of them, then ask them how to say something in their native language and proceed to butcher it so they can laugh at me too.

  24. There’s a reason English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Especially when you have words like “Colonel” or shit like homophones. And the fact we were all lied to about “I before E except after C”. I mean the list just goes on.

  25. I don't feel like it is extremely difficult to get to a level where a conversation is possible. Academic grade english on the other hand is a different story.

  26. What language would you consider being easier to learn than English? I find it way easier than any other language I've studied.

  27. My favorite thing about speaking French as my second language: My French is… imperfect. But the French are perfectly fine with correcting me and helping me learn colloquialisms. I don’t think, as a native English speaker, I would ever do that to an English learner without feeling uncomfortable. But the French? They don’t make me feel bad, they just correct me and move on.

  28. True enough. I only know english. So when i have to instruct my broken english brother and he ends up shutting down our production line i do feel frustrated.

  29. I was raised bilingually (English and Japanese). One time in second grade, I didn't know what a cape was, and a kid sitting next to me laughed at me for it. The teacher comes up to the kid and says "Can you speak Japanese like him?", and he said no and became quiet immediately. It made my day.

  30. In many cases, main motivation to improve is native speakers giving you crap for butchering the language. Some might be dicks, some may be supportive, but interactions with native speakers (and fear of social embarrassment) is the difference between phoning it in and really getting language.

  31. I live in a town in Wales with a pretty high Polish population and some of the small-minded locals don't like that. I went into a takeaway shop and a customer was conversing with the shopkeeper in a language that wasn't English. Another customer got really angry at this. He seemed to have grown up in my town based on his accent. He told the other customer to go back to his own country.

  32. I remember I was a clerk, and this women asked where the "Bootar" is. She had a either Irish or Slavic accent (cant remember exactly) and it took the third try when I realized she was asking for butter.

  33. The caveat is some parts of Appalachia where they have just beaten the language to death. It's broken and there's nothing but whistling and banjos to pick up the slack.

  34. ...not really. They could just not know English very well, or have some sort of mental issue. Not being able to speak a language properly doesn't mean DEFINITIVELY that another one is their first language, or that they even KNOW any other languages.

  35. I had a Turkish co-worker who apologized for his accent. I told him that his English was significantly better than my Turkish. I can't fathom ragging on someone for an accent.

  36. If English is your one and only language then you owe it to yourself to speak and write at a high school level, which sadly most of our high school graduates do not because of stupid policies like no child left behind.

  37. Totally agree! Although it’s funny that it seems to be totally acceptable to make fun of English speakers who are learning a second language (French/Spanish/anything) for seemingly minor accent or pronunciation errors

  38. Someone tell the Russians. I taught myself Russian and had to deal with people laughing in my face or throwing a temper tantrum (in flawless English) because my grammar was a little weird and they were disgusted. I encouraged many of my friends to learn Russian, but almost all of them abandoned it because they got the same treatment at some point and it killed their enthusiasm completely. Of course some people were also kind and encouraging.

  39. I love how english-speaking countries see it as an accomplishment to speak more than one language. While the rest of the world speaks 2 or more languages as a standard.

  40. I'm always incredibly awed/jealous whenever I encounter people who, not only know multiple languages, but can do a job in their non-native language.

  41. I work with a lady from Bulgaria, when she started the job she could speak very little English but she would sit on her breaks using google translate to learn words that she seen us writing down.

  42. I speak fluently French and English. I also took class in Spanish, Italian, Latin and Old Norse. AmA lol

  43. I agree. I am learning to speak Japanese, and I've never encountered a Japanese person who made fun of my Japanese, but there is something that is almost as terrible....

  44. Another one I think is funny is people in the US making fun of Indian accents and saying speak English. They speak better English than us, dipshits. Not understanding an accent and refusing to grow is YOUR problem not theirs.

  45. as asian we understand 4-5 language including english, practice make perfect, because we may not use english as often it may a bit broken

  46. Had someone laugh at my wrong pronunciation when I was just starting to learn to speak English. I asked him how many languages he could speak. he replied "One. English". Then he asked me too how many I could speak. I had a nice moment there.

  47. I was born in the US. First language was Spanish because my parents are Mexican, but I eventually learned English because of school. When I'd visit family in Mexico, my cousins would make fun of my Spanish and laugh because, to be honest, my Spanish was kind of shit. My parents, for what ever reason, made very little effort to correct my Spanish growing up. So I put up with my cousins a lot, until one day I finally said. "I know way more Spanish than you know English." They never said shit about my crappy Spanish after that.

  48. I don't know that anyone's making fun of them...as a retail worker in the USA though if you are trying to complain to me about delivery times and trying to get money out of my boss...helps if we know what the hell you're saying. Maybe get your English speaking son/daughter whatever in here to speak on your behalf. Save everyone some time

  49. Something like 20% of Caucasian children worldwide know a second language, but almost 90% of non-white children know at least two languages.

  50. Sources needed and basically, all Europeans know multiple languages, and isn't weird in some EU countries for a person to know 3.

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