dev1ce answers back on being a ’paycheck stealer’: "NIP haven’t paid me any salary for the entirety of 2022"

  1. Depends on the contractual construct. Swedish orgs love to employ their players in player owned shell orgs, making them self employed. If they get sick and leave, it's their problem. The government also limits it's sick payments. If you get paid in what is worth 20k$ per month, your sick leave wount be anything close to that. Maximum is 80% of 483 000 SEK a year, which is something like 36.000$ a year.

  2. In Norway at least, the government picks up the tab after 16 days of absence caused by sickness, if I remember correctly. I would imagine the law is quite similar in Sweden. I don't know if that is what has happened, or if there are potential for contractual exceptions where he would receive nothing at all

  3. It depends on his wealth. If he has a lot of money in his bank account or assets, he gets nothing from the government either. It might very well be he got nothing and lived off his own savings.

  4. I said this in another thread a while back, after the initial 1-2 weeks the employer no longer pays your salary but the government does up to a maximum cap of ~4K euro a month, this isn't shady or classic nip shit, this is the law and the way it is for every single company out there. You should be glad it's even 4K since Sweden still has some socialism for the people left. In America you have 5 sick days and then your ass is on the street.

  5. He was not most players have their own company and the org plays the players company and they öay themselves from there.

  6. In Denmark it's 50/50 between company and government when it comes to sick leave of longer durations, but as NiP is swedish and Device was located in Sweeden at the same time, I'd imagine that it would follow swedish law

  7. He was living in Sweden at the time. In order to get sick leave, he would have to get a doctors word for it; You can't just say "Well, Im sick, too bad".

  8. The whole financial situation is complex as fuck. I'm not sure if he's even eligible for sick pay. He's most likely self-employed (independent contractor with his own company) being paid indirectly by NIP. He's wealthy. He moved out of the country shortly after going on leave. I'm not familiar with Swedish law but it could mean he's either not eligible or getting limited benefits. Not to mention you usually can't just say "I want sick pay" and get it.

  9. The regular bigots here are going to cry anyway. Device at this point would still have paid more than enough in taxes to cover however much he may have earned in sick pay.

  10. While this is true, being swedish myself the doctor will most likely find whatever reason. I straight up got asked once how long i wanted to be put on sick leave whereas i was like "well isnt it up to you to determine wether or not i even need it?"

  11. As a swede, I fully support him and his decision to go back to Denmark. Sure, I would've loved to see what device NIP would have been capable of. But the entire reason for it all was for him to live with his girlfriend and not have to commute daily to Copenhagen.

  12. So now where are all the haters when it's proven dev1ce had actual medical issues and was also not getting paid so we can't even call him a paycheck stealer?

  13. If you have enough IQ to play CS in the highest level, you should know to never take into account some random stupid comments of this sub

  14. So uh, has any journo have interviewed Stewie yet and ask him about being a paycheck stealer according to the internet?

  15. way too many people give a shit about paychecks for money that isnt even theirs. I could give two fucks about whether he's getting paid. I've seen so many people accuse multiple players of that shit. Your paycheck is between you and your employer. lol

  16. Good on device for responding to teenagers who don't understand the importance of mental health. I knew this sub's opinion of him would shift once the truth came out, and I'm glad it did. Device haters will keep seething and coping.

  17. Because he didn't have a big public breakdown like our American boy that shall not be named I guess people will just never believe he had actual issues he needed to work through.

  18. Since he specifies nip didn't pay him, I would presume government or someone else did? So I would like to propose tax stealer as the new word instead of paycheck stealer.

  19. Yeah, because they gave him money for 1 year without any checks on his health, damn, such a nice country!!

  20. He was either not paid at all, or paid by the government. So he probbably "stole" a few percent of all the tax he paid for being a GOAT throughout his carreer back :)

  21. can someone explain the narrative around dev1ce and nip and not make it out to be he broke up with his girlfriend and didnt want to stay in sweden/nip anymore

  22. This subreddit just keeps taking so many Ls with the stupid narratives they believe. K0nfig was the real victim. Dev1ce robbed NiP. Hooxi is a great IGL. Maybe stories involving Danish players just cause people to get really stupid.

  23. Just anoter thread to spread hate. At this point, this situation shouldn't even be open in reddit again.

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