Chrome is not showing some sites in mobile view in Chrome on Pixel 6 Pro

  1. In chrome on your Pixel go to chrome://flags/ search for Reduce User-Agent request header and change it to enabled. Relaunch the browser and check the pages again.

  2. Beautiful! Worked great. Thank you SO much. I don't have a Pixel but a Samsung A52. It has to do with the recent Android version updates I believe rather than the type of phone.

  3. Any reason it wouldn't be working? It did at first. Now wording is cut off again. Checked the header again and it's showing enabled. Had lots of Androids but first Pixel and I'm loathing it! Nothing but problems for me and I've never had issues like this with Samsung (yes I left them......but at least they took their time disappointing me, wasn't all within 2 weeks of getting it.

  4. theres no such flag as Reduce User-Agent request header . On a side note, enabling reduce header granularity did not fix this problem either.

  5. That's Home Depot's fault, not the Pixel's. Looks like Home Depot serves a different version of their site depending on the user agent (a description of the device accessing the site). I did some quick testing and it looks like they don't recognize Android 12 devices as mobile devices, so it serves the desktop site. If I manually change the user agent to say Android 11 it works, so it's on Home Depot to update their site to work with Android 12.

  6. I just wanted to throw out that this is not a pixel problem. My wife has a Samsung Galxaxy S20 FE that just updated to Android 12. This issue showed up with the bulk of retail sites (walmart, kohl's, home depot, etc). Changing the flag as instructed by the top comment fixed it. Seems to be an issue with android 12.

  7. The problem you may be having as with my case, is I had a VPN blocker running in the back ground as soon as i disabled it the Pixel 6 runs perfectly..

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