The real cause of the supposed egg shortage, directly from a farmer. Hint: it's not Avian flu.

  1. This begs the question (and please fill me in if you know anything about it), if farmers have millions of eggs to sell, why aren’t there alternative avenues to selling them en masse?

  2. The supermarkets own the distribution networks, they have trucks that regularly move along pre-determined routes carrying roughly the same amount of pre-determined cargo, and that has built up over many years of knowing based on statistics how to make it efficient

  3. My understanding is he's not saying farmers are refusing to sell their eggs and sitting on a surplus, it's that farmers are being paid too little and so can't afford to invest in the hens and feed etc they need to make more eggs, so production is gradually falling over time and will only get worse. There are no extra eggs to sell.

  4. Short answer, the value is in the logistics to distribute the eggs, not the eggs themselves, and the supermarkets run the trucks.

  5. I’m in the US, but I imagine the biggest hurdle is distribution. The farmer may be quite far from the consumer compared to the distance to a Tesco. On top of that, the farmers aren’t setup to handle retail sales activity. Just imagine having to physically supervise hundred or thousands of sales in a short time versus what they are used to today. Furthermore, if there’s regulations like the US, then the farmer may not even be able to sell direct in large volumes to the consumer.

  6. British eggs are expensive. Supermarkets control Uk market places, can’t sell abroad cos of point one.

  7. We have a food supply chain that is dependent on supermarkets. With that control over the chain they can control what they pay and what they charge. Farmers could create a new supply chain system, this would take time, money and cooperation. They don't have access to time and money, the other is in their gift. Holding one of three cards is not a strong place to start.

  8. I would assume a lot of it is down to pre arranged contracts. How many places actually need that many eggs in that kind of bulk? Likely no where that doesn't already have a direct supply from a farm.

  9. Can we all just contact our local farmers and go straight to the source instead? This supermarket tomfoolery enrages me and I’d rather cut them out of my egg business immediately.

  10. So it’s trickle down greed and price gouging. Their greed trickling down is just piss trickling down on the heads of consumers

  11. I saw this story in a couple of news outlets. This version of events does indeed appear in the text: that suppliers are reducing their production because they're not being paid enough. But the headlines are always focus on Avian Flu.

  12. The amount of unforeseeable issues we’ve faced in these past few years makes me wonder if perhaps, and hear me out, the government should start trying to foresee these issues. Isn’t planning for the future kinda the governments job? No? Only me?

  13. It's for the same reason that they blame inflation on higher wages rather than businesses price gouging. Don't bite the hand that feeds.

  14. And this is clearly an issue with corporate consolidation as well. Unless importing eggs is somehow less expensive than paying these farmers a fair price, some grocery stores should be able to have domestically produced eggs for cheaper than importing, and then charge a lower price and undercut the competition.

  15. Do love videos and articles similar to this post that try to make the public feel bad for farmers that profit off of animal suffering

  16. But, but I thought the tories cared for farmers? You aren't gonna tell me they lied about that to pull the wool over the people who want domestic issues to be addressed first and the actual farmers themselves as well as everything else? Nah couldn't be.

  17. Wrong type of farmer. Many landowners in Big Agric can let the land fallow in a recession or a famine and live off their reserves or other interests. Most tenants are fucked.

  18. Nah the only "farmers" Tories care about are the Hunter welly and tweed wearing, £10k shotgun owning, landed rural upper class that will probably end up selling a large portion of their land for housing developments or new roads anyway.

  19. Yep. My local supermarket (Tesco) had ZERO eggs, although they blamed it on supplier shortages rather than Avian Flu. I guess that's technically correct but doesn't tell the whole story.

  20. What’s baffling is that they’ll be losing money by not selling eggs. Surely it’s more profitable to sell eggs at a smaller margin than no eggs at all

  21. Omg, everyone having a go at farmers....thats not the issue....Supermarkets are lying through their teeth. Boycott them, not the farmers!

  22. Most farmers lie through their teeth about the conditions they have their animals in and that they are happy. Everyone eats it up because they slap a free range label on which really means very little if you actually look at it.

  23. Well the answer is go vegan. Animal agriculture is capitalistic exploitation at its very worse. And all the pain and suffering that these birds have had to endure for the product in this video, will most probably be for nothing.

  24. You'd need people to support the independents 1st. This is the issue - the public want convenience, they don't want to have to shop around.

  25. I know they're not everywhere, but they definitely still exist. It's more expensive but the quality is SO much better than supermarket meat. Plus a good butcher will give you recommendations on good cuts and advice on cooking what you're buying. Plus no plastic!

  26. Made the same point above but it's equally relevant to this. People can't be arsed to shop around, they want everything from one store.

  27. Carloads of oranges dumped on the ground. The people come for miles to take the fruit, but this could not be. How would they buy oranges if they could drive out and pick them up? And men with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges... A million people hungry, needing the fruit – and kerosene sprayed over the golden mountains. And the smell of rot fills the country.

  28. The next problem would be, what to do with the chickens? Cant afford to keep millions of chickens, cant let them free because chickens arent wild animals and they aren't really what most people would call a pet so they can't be sent to shelters - which are already full and overworked.

  29. I mean the fewer hens being forced to lay eggs the better as far as I'm concerned. It's true the supermarkets shouldn't be lying but still

  30. Three in four of the world’s new or emerging infectious diseases come from animals. Responsible for three million deaths a year, these diseases are largely transmitted through trading wildlife and factory farming.

  31. but that doesn't get subsidized so tofu and such things still remain higher priced even though its cheaper to make really...

  32. Almost like manufacturing a shortage. Planting seeds constantly to keep us in control. I'm old enough to remember the the great loo roll shortage of 2020, what a farce.

  33. Totally believable and I'm on the farmers' side, but as a rule farmers do tend to vote Tory, so... y'know, maybe don't do that and you'll stop getting fucked over by politicians putting their rich buddies ahead of the interests of your industry. The way farming communities repeatedly fuck themselves over like this is absolutely bizarre to me. Farming areas tended to vote for Brexit too. Which is equally baffling. Why vote directly against your own best interests??

  34. To be fair, Corbin did a good job of scaring farmers away by planning on socialising land, rendering farmer’s land relatively worthless. It’s a small factor in the grand scheme of things but the man did one hell of a job of repelling certain demographics.

  35. They vote Tory on ideological grounds and are more interested in their policies regarding hunting, land use and subsidy. Perhaps if labour weren’t so out of touch with working people and weren’t composed entirely of towny snobs they would perform better in rural areas

  36. It's about time we stop relying on eggs as a food source. The UK alone slaughters over a billion chickens a year and the conditions these farmers keep them in is abhorrent.

  37. Yes! I wrote a whole paper for my philosophy class at uni about the ethics of industrial chicken farming. DISGUSTING

  38. Easy(ish) to produce fat and protein is a lifeline to many people meeting their daily requirements in a failing economy. Much easier for a family to afford a box of eggs (even with the new pricing) than meat.

  39. The truth is that our entire food supply is in the hands of a cartel of 5 or 6 supermarkets that this government will do nothing to control. Sure, say what you will about eggs but what this guy says applies equally to cereal, dairy, meat, fruit and veg. The supermarkets are abusing their dominant market position (as are several other major sectors - looking at you house builders), they are screwing us all and this government is perfectly comfortable with them doing that.

  40. A lot of farms have exclusivity arrangements with supermarkets. It's not impossible but it can be difficult for farms to sell from their main crop.

  41. "will need to import millions of eggs" Queue the "am I fuck eating those French eggs I want me British eggs with me British bacon" Daily Heil articles, suggesting that farmers are deliberately withholding their supply because they're greedy

  42. This is why we need to go back to localism - I buy 12 duck eggs from a local guy who’s kids do it for a hobby - 12 duck eggs £3 - go to the shop and it’s 6 for £4.50

  43. They want us to be reliant on global trade and at their mercy, this is how merchants have taken over the world from the Kings, Queen's & High Priests of our ancestors.

  44. So the market is still there(i mean the demand) and supermarkets are going to import the eggs, like the farmer said. So why is it cheaper for them to import them than to pay “fair price” for British ones. Importing post brexit is not cheap. Please explain i genuinely don’t understand.

  45. The fact we even allow people to make money off other's bodies is kind of ridiculous anyway. We steal eggs/milk/skin/children/lives from these animals and suddenly it's ours? That's so BS.

  46. Have been buying my eggs direct from the farm with my milk for 3 years now. Already boycotting the supermarkets. Buy from your local Milky.

  47. i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by local farmers and bird keepers who still use honesty boxes to sell eggs. and they are MASSIVE! i feel sorry for the hens sometimes with the size of em!

  48. Respect, brother. I've been buying eggs from our local farm until the Mrs was pregnant and needed a lion stamp for babies health in the womb as recommended.

  49. Years ago my mam was breeding pigs. Got a contract with asda. Contract got changed. She ended up selling the pork for less than it cost to produce. Ended up selling the pigs and the farm and emigrating.

  50. Glad my little flock of five give me around an egg a day, depending on the weather and season. Usually in the spring/summer we're giving away a dozen a week just because we don't eat as many as they give us.

  51. It's the same for things like offers too, if they put milk on offer that comes out o the farmers end not the supermarkets. They screw farmers over any way they can

  52. Hold out! We can wait! Don’t lose the farm over worry- we support our farmers!!!(from someone in the southwest that has an egg farm near by and have been told this IS the REASON)!!!!!

  53. The supermarkets want their suppliers to operate on low margins whilst they make bumper profits. Crazy situation that’s been going on for years & years

  54. Is there no way farmers can cut out the middle man and go old school style door to door direct to customer? If supermarkets wanna play silly bollocks, fuck them.

  55. They are in the production game, not sales and distribution. Distribution is expensive to set up and run, and sales are time consuming. And it's a competitive industry, so it would mean collaborating with competitors. Not saying it can't happen, but it would be bloody difficult.

  56. Capitalism is such an evil and irrational system it has absolutely no place in a democracy I'm so glad we don't live by it...oh hang on

  57. How is it that farmers have become the bad guys? I mean, unless you're buying directly from the actual farmer, you know the prices your paying are raised to cover operating costs for whichever entity your buying from. The actual sources of our food supply should be protected and supported.

  58. So where are the corporate headquarters for the supermarket? In those buildings sit the upper echelons and the ones the protestors need to go talk to. Go to the farms themselves or buy locally from small farms if possible. The consumer can force the market when the situation gets bad enough.

  59. BREXIT happens and it's, "Everything will be great, we promise!" Later the message shifts to, "Don't worry food will be plentiful, we promise!" Now, it's down to this with no end in sight and winter coming in fast.

  60. this just in! your local billion pound supermarket aren't paying farmers fairly for products, and the tories don't give a shit about farmers!

  61. That's fine, just import some eggs from the other EU countries and... oh right I forgot about that other thing.

  62. So like every other thing that's been hurting average citizens, worldwide, it's fucking CORPORATE GREED that's the real problem. Motherfuckers at the top that just want more and more and MORE. How do we teach them a lesson they'll understand and stop with the greed??

  63. Fuck the supermarkets . Decentralisation on production and bills to support local produce and buy. The oath is clear but the rich dont make money when you cut them the fuck out .

  64. Was in a Walmart last week in the Midwest. Not a single egg in the place. While checking out I overheard an employee say to a customer it is due to the producer/farmers being on strike. Then the next day I see people all over the state coming up with things like Biden, Democrats, China, "all" the chicken barns that have burnt down 'mysteriously' etc. just all silly conspiracies.

  65. I guess I’m quite lucky that out town still has an indoor market where we can buy local produce, including eggs, it is more expensive than the supermarkets, but honestly the quality is so much better. We don’t buy meat, eggs, fruit, veg or bread from the supermarkets.

  66. I’m not from the UK.. but what’s stopping farmers like him from selling their eggs directly to consumers without the supermarkets?

  67. There is Avian flu every single year. Every year. I have chickens and ducks myself and from Nov sometimes December up until March all poultry are under country wide lockdown. Which means they have to be housed with some sort of roofing, either the usual plastic or metal or very fine mesh, anything fine enough that it won't let the liquid wild birds poo through. The cases of Avian flu have been alot higher and more consistent this year, its usually a winter thing but this year its been all year round, yet our birds have still only just been given lockdown protocol last week.

  68. Curious. Is there a way to skip the markets? like open a stall or flea market type of deal were u can sell the eggs directly to the people?

  69. Same thing is happening in the States, too. It's almost as if those at the top decided to use their power of oligopoly to jack up profits at the expense of everyone else.

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