Best way to get from Schipol to Groningen.

  1. The plan still is for the direct train to start driving again this month. Shouldn't be a problem in January/February.

  2. Train is not nice with even 1 large bag, there's no luggage space on Dutch trains. I know, I travel every month with a suitcase Groningen to Rotterdam and the suitcase ends up on the seat beside me. First Class is a bit better, less crowded and so a bit more room for your bags. But by the time you paid extra for the first class tickets, you might as well have paid for a premium direct airport taxi, it won't end up being enormously more (okay, maybe around twice as much, but still, it'll take you to the door, and you'd likely still need to get a taxi when arriving in Groningen anyway).

  3. Train is the way, worst case scenario you would have to cross to the other side of the platform once.l, or there is a direct correction if you are lucky. Tickets can be bought on Schiphol. About 24€ for an adult one way. Public transport is pretty good in the Netherlands. I refuse to go by car to Schiphol from Groningen reason: train stops literally under the airport.

  4. If you go by train you should buy a group ticket, way cheaper :) (unless you HAVE to travel during the rush hours)

  5. I moved to Groningen from the US and had similar questions. For our original move we rented a car. The trains are not setup for multiple large luggage sets, kids and animals, it just won’t work. Post move, we only take the trains. It’s how people travel here and is very comfortable.

  6. I'd almost always say train, but with that amount of luggage and cats it really really sucks to take trains. Dutch trains have very limited accommodation for luggage, and can be super busy depending on time of day. I'd rent a large car vs. a taxi — probably because it'd be several times cheaper than a rented car and it'd actually have enough space.

  7. I know it might sound a bit weird but I’m willing to pick you up for a friendly amount of euros🤷🏼‍♂️ (depending on day and time ofcourse) I live in Groningen and am thinking about a career switch to being a driver. I just like to drive :) I have a Mazda 6 2015 station wagon so I guess there will be enough space, but you can probably see that best yourself. Let me know! :)

  8. I'd go for a Schiphol taxi they are not that expensive and after traveling for 18 hours with two kids, probably jetlag, you don't want the hasle of a train or renting a car.

  9. This was us 3 years ago. Everyone is saying train but if the kids have a bad flight this is going to be a nightmare. We rented a cab that was a van and big enough for all our stuff. All went smooth and it was about €200 door to door. We did this because we were alone but if you have a friend in the area that is willing to do the trip with you , it is a totally different story. Best of luck!

  10. I can recommend Taxi A7 from Groningen. €220 from Schiphol to Groningen door to door plus you get to ride in a fancy, spacious, electric Tesla Model X. Certainly a lot more expensive than the train but also a lot more comfortable I think (especially with luggage and small kids after such a long trip).

  11. I do have a friend. I need to check and see if they are around then because they may just be on vacation. It would be smartest move as you suggest.

  12. Train will be the best option and by January the direct connection (once every hour) should be up and running again. Luggage and a cat can travel with you and as long as it isn't during peak hours (between 16:00-18:30) thete should be plenty of space available.

  13. Is the construction between almere and zwolle fixed? If not you'll have to take a bus halfway trough, OP

  14. I agree with everyone here that the train is the best option. But if the direct train connection is not restored and you wanna avoid a layover, you might consider Flixbus. They have a direct bus every day at 11:15 (and at 01:15 at night). It is not as comfortable as a train, but it is a direct route, and there's lots of space for suitcases and strollers in the cargo (in the train it depends on how busy it is).

  15. To get to the Flixbus bus station (Sloterdijk) would actually be more of a pain than having to transfer with the train ride

  16. Unless they're travelling at night I dont suppose the taxi will be faster. The train is 2:07 and with no traffic by car it is already 2 hours. During the day with 100 kmh speed limit and traffic it will quickly become 3 hours

  17. What do you consider extremely expensive for a private taxi? Flexiliner e.g. has a flat rate of 150 euro for max 4 passengers, Schiphol- Groningen. See

  18. This seems to me they only offer that price for Groningen --> Schiphol. You have to take in account that this way they just pick you up at a set time and drive to Schiphol. The other way around (Schiphol --> Groning) consists of getting their taxi parked, waiting for you and then pick you up. No way they offer that for €150.

  19. I think the most viable would be to take the train. Booking first class would be reasonably comfortable and a lot cheaper than a taxi. As of now there are no direct trains but it's possible to do it with only one transfer. You can take either the IC to Zwolle or Leeuwarden and then transfer at Zwolle. take the IC to Groningen. I believe the transfer times are okay and if you don't make it there will be other trains going ever 30 minutes I believe and depending on the time and day.

  20. The trainstation is inside Schiphol airport, you can get tickets and info there. A cat is fine also and travels for free.

  21. I guess you are moving to Groningen for work? I would ask my company if someone could pick me up with a car.

  22. Yup. Work unfortunately said we have to figure it out on our own. It's a good point though. I have a friend in the area and I could ask him.

  23. There's a direct intercity to Groningen every hour, and an intercity to Leeuwarden every hour as well, offset by 30 minutes. If the Leeuwarden one is first, just get off at Zwolle and take the next Intercity or Sprinter to Groningen. They're pretty frequent, so if you miss the easy connection you'll only need to wait 10-20 minutes tops.

  24. Both intercitys wait for each other at Zwolle with a cross platform connection, so you can just get off the train and walk straight onto the other. Due to works between Almere and Zwolle this change has now moved to Amersfoort Centraal, but it's still a cross platform interchange.

  25. The direct route Schiphol - Groningen is currently out of order due to repairs, but they are expected to be finished before the end of the year, so by the time you arrive there should be a direct train every hour.

  26. has all the answers. Just add the date and estimated time of arrival. Usually there's a direct route to Groningen.

  27. Train is very doable. You can get on at Schiphol and get out in Groningen. Transit stops are doable and if you miss your connection, there's a new one in 30 minutes.

  28. Oh perfect. I was worried that while juggling all the tiny ones and bags we would miss our connecting train and then be stumped.

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