She’s in preflower we had a lot of problems from the beginning she finally became healthier should I transplant or will she be fine in small pot?

  1. The pot is big enough for the size of your plant and the plant looks healthy. Can't see any reason to stress her in preflower. Let her grow some nice big tasty buds! 🤞

  2. Nice Sativa ...don't overwater..looks like the leaves are getting claws...just wondering how ofent you water...looks like it is doing good now.

  3. Chem dawg! Was watering every other day but all my girls have needed water everyday We are in the middle of heat wave 95 during day upper 70’s mid 80’s at night

  4. Best of both worlds- place your potted plant into a larger pot with the original pot still on. Your choice to cut into the original pot for easier root expansion.

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